Passport Swap Art

Posted by Tammy

This is art from a Sharpie ATC swap that I joined some time ago. I knew what I wanted to do, but had a hard time getting moving!! The deadline to mail these cards in was July 15, so I made it just under the wire.

Each participant had to make 12 ATCs. They could all be the same or all different. I chose to make mine all the same to simplify. It was a passport theme - so some sort of travel card from any country, real or imaginary.

Mine is from Pinkyland... as my scout nickname is Scout Pinky! :) I used rubber stamps, coffee colored ink, and Sharpies for these. All 12 are the same (or very similar!) When the host receives all of our cards, she will give us each one from each player in a little passport holder and return them to us! Should be fun!

The words on mine are gaelic and mean:

Bandearg Teigh - Pink Land
Ceann Scribe - Destination
Taisted - Travel.

2 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

What a cool idea! It looks very authentic and I bet it was fun to do, great job Tammy.

It's nice to see you posting Tammy. :)

lila said...

I like this ATC a lot! Smart to do them the same for all!
I like your Gaelic words, too!