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I've been a bit absent from my blog lately. We had company much of last week, so no time to post! (I have a few pictures that I'll get up soon that I took while Jeff and Sarena were here!) And now, this week, I'm just not feeling very good. I am physically just exhausted - with no real reason to be. I'm so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open... blah! Hopefully this will pass soon so I can get something, anything, done! But for now....

It's Getting to Know You day at Create a Connection. Holly is hosting and today she is asking about Random Acts of Kindness - RAK.

1) When you were going through a rough time in your life, what did someone do to help get you through that period. (you don't have to tell us about the rough time if you don't want, I just want to hear what helped you through it)

I've had lots of wonderful people who have helped me through rough patches in my life. My friend Andrea is one who consistently is there for me when I'm having a tough time (and when I'm doing good too!) She is always thoughtful and surprises me now and then with a gift or something too.

When I had mono several years ago - I was really sick, couldn't leave the house, and couldn't have visitors in case of passing along the illness. She called me, said she was on her way over, and she left this gigantic box of "feel good" things for me on my doorstep. She included stuff like vitamin packages, fuzzy socks (still my favorite pair!), chocolate, nail polish - all sorts of stuff to help me feel better!! I couldn't visit with her, but knowing she had made this effort helped so much!! And WAY more than giving me things - she is just there for me. No matter what's happening, I know I can count on Andrea's support!!

My sister Vicki is another who is good at doing things out of the blue to help me feel better. In fact, she sent a book up to me (which I haven't gotten yet... so I don't know Which book!) just recently! My parents have it, so I'll get it next time I see them! She is very ill herself, but she still thinks of me too!

2) Have you ever been on the receiving end of a RAK? What was it? How did it make you feel?

RAKs make me feel very special! A very small thing, like a special book picked out for me, can cheer up any day!! I've gotten special, unexpected mail from friends (other bloggers even!) that has completely brightened a day. Knowing that someone was thinking of me, that's just a good feeling!!

3) Have you ever sent out a letter/greeting/bunch of flowers to someone, just to cheer them up? Did you do it anonymously?

I haven't done this anonymously (although my sister thinks I have sent her something... but it truly wasn't from me!) I have done it many times though - I love flowers and sending them is just about as good as receiving them!

I pretty regularly send off unexpected packages to my sister Vicki. She needs the cheering up to keep her going as she is so ill. Many of you - my blog friends - have helped me out by sending cheerful packages to Vicki as well!!

Something I'd like to do more of is to send random handwritten notes to people. Unexpected notes in the mail are so fun!

4) If you were not familiar with Random Acts of Kindness before now, are you more inspired to go out and do something nice now?

As I'm quite familiar with RAKs, I am inspired anyway! I want to do this more often. It's not hard to do, and it really does brighten a person's day!! I am mailing off two packages today that are fairly random - although the recipients know they will be receiving something from me!! A fun package as a thank you to two special friends!!

5)If you know of another good website that encourages spreading joy and love, please pass it along.

This is a great blog - http://blessingconspiracy.blogspot.com/ - She sent a blessing package to Vicki for me! She does good things! :)

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holly said...

Thanks for the great answers Tammy. I love handwritten notes, they're so nice to get, especially now in today's cyber world of email, text messaging, faxing and cell phones. My step-sister and I write letters back and forth to each other, it's so wonderful to get to know her again through letters. Let me know if I can send a package to your sister. I'd love to send something to her. Thanks for playing.

~jolene said...

Tammy, I think without even realizing it you do RAKs....each time you leave a comment on my blog it brightens my day and always brings me a smile :)

lila said...

Don't worry Tammy....doiong RAK should not become another obligation....you will do them when the time is right and you are inspired. I hope you get some rest....BTW, I tagged you (see my blog), but don't worry, if you don't feel like it yet!

Carmen said...

I enjoy these questions and specially your answers. I think I should join you on this project.
I love RAK!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

enjoyed reading your answers :)
I think indeed Raks make us feel special and sometimes it can be so amazing:)
It is so wonderful to be able with little things to brigten someone's day:-)
sometimes people received Raks and can not be grateful for them, I think it's one of the saddest things, not being able to feel gratefulness to celebrate the kindness of others.

Ruth said...

(((TammaBella))) YOU are the epitamy of Random Acts of KINDNESS!!! I agree with Jolene...even a note from you on my blog lifts my spirits. And you've always got my back!!!

Thank you for being my friend...that can't be too easy.. :)