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Boy, this has been quite a long week - busy and I'm tired! I'm still not feeling the best. I scheduled a Dr. appointment for August 1, just to get a checkup and make sure there's not something more going on here... My blood sugar levels are quite high (I have a diabetic co-worker who thought I should test them...) so I'm going to have that checked out too.

I finally got a few photos that I took during our friends' visit last week. I didn't get to go with them up to Rocky Mountain National Park, so my photos are all from the CSU Trial Gardens here in town. So pretty!!

This is the four of us together. Mike was really happy to have Jeff (and Sarena, of course!) visiting - you can tell from his goofy faces! :) (order is Sarena, Jeff, Mike, and me!)

Next, we have Mike and Jeff mugging and being "manly" in front of all the pink flowers!

This photo was a happy accident. I was trying to take a different angle on this columbine and didn't realize that Sarena was in the frame! It's a cool picture if you ask me! :)

And one more fun shot - I was experimenting with angles. I like the sun in this shot. The flower looks all spiky against the bright sun and blue sky. If you want to see more photos, check out my flickr.

Lila, Indigo Pears, tagged me to do a meme where I tell you eight things about myself. I have probably shared these things at some point or another, but here goes anyway!

1. If my whole immediate family gets together there are 43 people plus one on the way. This includes my parents, siblings, and their families. Yikes!! I have 13 nieces/nephews and 7 plus one on the way great-nieces/nephews.

2. I am afraid of thunder... not lightning, but thunder. (Yes, I know thunder can't hurt me, but it doesn't make it less scary!) My cat Oscar gets very concerned when it's thundering because he knows I'm scared!

3. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and I'm very excited about the book that comes out tonight!! I have it pre-ordered and I'm HOPING it shows up tomorrow so I can read it this weekend and avoid getting caught in spoilers!

4. I have only moved six times in my life. I lived in the same house in Windsor, CO until I was 18. And I lived alone in my little country house for exactly 10 years before moving to my house with Mike.

5. I have never travelled anywhere (YET) that required a passport. I hope that changes!!

6. I am sure I've shared this before, but ... I'm named after Tammy Wynette and Dale Evans (Tammy Dale). If I'd been a boy, I would have been called Charles Travis for my grandpa and dad. I think they would have called me Chuck!

7. I love to buy shoes. I hate to wear shoes. Anytime I can be, I'm barefoot!

8. My favorite food is anything Asian. Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese - all are yummy! I also love Japanese... mainly because of Sushi! YUM!

I don't think there's anything earth shattering there - if I think of something even more random or weird to share, I will! :)

Consider yourself tagged if you want to play along - leave me a note if you do, so I can read your eight things too! Happy weekend!

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