This month's challenge at Self Portrait Challenge is the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

"The theme for this month is about the earth and your connection with it. More specifically the element that you most connect with."

I went with water this week. I am a Libra - an AIR sign. However, I feel more of a connection with water - always. I am drawn to water. I love to swim (although I rarely do) and I am forever wanting to put my feet in when driving by rivers and streams. (yes, I freeze my toes!)

This week on our trip (see previous post!), I didn't find any good places to stick my feet in (not for lack of trying!), but there were so many gorgeous rivers, falls, and streams! The most amazing sight was the Box Canyon Falls. I had Mike take a couple shots of me for this challenge! It was a scary thing for me - walking along the open bridge above the river to get back to the falls. But, I'm so glad I did it. I was blown away by the beauty and the power of the falls! The sound was unbelievable - you could FEEL the power of the water.

I didn't want to leave! I look a bit scared in this shot - because I was. I was also enjoying myself immensely and happy that I'd conquered my phobias (heights, bridges) and gone clear to the falls. Well worth the discomfort and fear! The water isn't quite as visible as I would have liked because it was quite dark back in the cavern. But it is there - and I'm enjoying the power of it as the picture was snapped! You can see the spray dotting the lens also. I loved the feeling of the cold water spraying us! Wonderful!! (this was by far my favorite part of our quick trip! I will go back whenever we're near enough!)

4 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Tammy it is so nice to hear from you and see you! Look at the water in the air around you, like spirit globes! Your pictures are all amazing! I'm so glad you shared your trip with us.

~jolene said...

Tammy...a virtual HIGH FIVE for overcoming your fears!

And thanks for taking us on the adventure with you :)

Vedrana M. said...

sounds like you had great time, beautiful :)

Jana B said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I would have fainted at the very thought of being up that high.

Heights... *full body shudder at the thought*