Cool Vase

Posted by Tammy

My coworker Pete (who is also my boss' husband) is learning to blow glass. He's been taking lessons for a couple months now.

The stuff he makes, while not perfect, is truly amazing!! I love seeing his new creations every week! The very first week he brought stuff in to show us, there was this adorable little fluted vase. (It was supposed to be a tumbler, but didn't turn out quite the way he intended.) I LOVED it. I would have purchased it if I'd seen it in a store and I told Pete this.

Well... he remembered this, and made a vase for me several weeks later! It is gorgeous!! I love it. Now I can say - I have an original Pete, once he's famous of course! :) I filled up this great vase with some flowers from my garden - just look how cute! It makes me happy!

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Anonymous said...
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Charlotte said...

Beautiful vase and beautiful flowers! I love yellow and blue together.