Create a Connection - Hometown Swap!!

Posted by Tammy

I participated in a fun swap this month at Create a Connection. It was the Hometown Swap. I put together a package of stuff that was from or about my hometown, and the person sending to me did the same!

My package arrived over the weekend from the lovely Bella! She sent me a very fun package of stuff about her hometown in New Jersey. What I loved most about the package is the letter that she wrote explaining her hometown, why she loves it, and why she sent the stuff she did.

Included was a bag of popcorn (from a midnight release party that she attended for the new Harry Potter book... she knew I was a fan too!), a shell and a beach souvenir from her favorite place on the water, a magazine about New Jersey as well as a little book about the state. She also included a couple of postcards. It was all wrapped up so prettily too!

Thank you SOOO much Bella! I will enjoy reading more about your hometown/state!

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bella said...

Hey Tammy,
I'm glad you liked everything. This was definitely a fun swap. xo