Happy Mail (and updates)

Posted by Tammy

I went missing... I didn't intend to, but I did. I have these periods of time where I need to be introverted I think. This last week was one. It's been pretty stressful around here, so I just sort of drew in! I visited all of your blogs, but I just didn't come update my own!! But, I'm back, with at least one post today - maybe even two or three! :)

Mike is very unhappy (still and ongoing) in his job. So, we are now really pushing to try to move away, move on, find something new for him! We're both very excited to live near the ocean, so that is where we're focusing. Right now, our target (still) is the Raleigh, NC area. His brother, Jeff, just moved to Wilmington, NC, and Mike got to visit last week. The ocean, the beaches, and the visit with his brother really rejuvenated him. He loves the area. So, we're going to aim that direction. Raleigh is close enough, but not too close to his brother. And there will be lots of job options for me too. I'll keep you posted, but we're trying to make this happen sooner rather than later because the stress isn't good!!

On to happy mail! I participated in this swap last month. And when I got back from my day off yesterday (another blog post there) I had a package waiting from my swap partner, Jana! Wow - what a fun box to open!!

Our assignment was to send things that made us happy - I did this for Jana, and she in turn did it for me. She wrote me a note explaining everything she sent! First up was this gorgeous, collaged box! So fun, and bright and cheerful!

Next, inside was a plethora of goodies! Jana included sharpies (my favorite, of course!), candles (that smell really good!), a cute little candle holder, flower seeds (from her garden!), glitter pens, handmade (by Jana!) earrings, chocolate, lip balm (also chocolate!), a great book that's on my to read list (White Oleander), and a pez dispenser. What a fun box to receive!!! I will definitely enjoy everything packed in!! Thanks for everything Jana!! And thanks to Zazazu for hosting such a fun swap!!

5 Opinions:

Jana B said...

OMW, I'm so glad you liked your package... *big hug*

Whew, moving to NC! That sounds like SUCH a cool adventure!!!!

Karen Beth said...

What wonderful items you got! Aren't Sharpies the BEST!???

lila said...

I think North Carolina is a good place, and you can visit the ocean!
How cheering to receive a goody box!
I am a libra...born Oct. 15th. in the Celtic "tree zodiac" I am an Ivy, and the specific part of "ivy" is that I am a maple...doesn't make sense but its fun. You can research on-line if you know your birth date.

Shannon said...

Wow, Tammy! Sounds like lots of big stuff going on there - I hope all goes well. Sounds like you are really approaching it with a sense of adventure, how wonderful!

What a lovely swap and pressies! Fun times.

LadyTulip said...

** Oh!! ** I know you'd like living down in N.C. an' don't let the whole Moving Thing overwhelm you!!

Love the goodie box!! How Cool!!