A Slide Show of Our Trip

Posted by Tammy

3 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Look at all those amazing colours Tammy, that red is mind-blowing! What a great journey you had, I love seeing it. Clever way to share the pics, so smart.

Way to go for making that blueberry peach cobbler, I'm so proud of you! It tastes so much better to make it yourself, doesn't it? I can't eat store-bought baked goods anymore, I'm so picky.

Kellie said...

Hi Tammy, what beautiful photos, I especially love the ones with the trees changing colors. I have never seen trees like that before. I would love to live by the ocean too.

Thanks for your comments on claire and ella's site I am so glad you check it!

~jolene said...

I am so stoked that it looks like you may be living near the ocean afterall!

But, I was secretly wishing it was the ocean in So California ;-)

I've loved seeing all your photos Tammy...and I am SO happy for you and Mike...I hope he finds the perfect job soon!