Posted by Tammy

Who knew this posting every day thing would be so hard?!

I'm over my migraine, but now I'm playing catch up for being asleep all day yesterday!

Mike and I are going to what is called a "Gong Bath" tonight. It's energy work, but that's all I really know about it! I'll write a real post tomorrow and tell you all about it!

Until then, I hope you are all well, bloggy friends!

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Sacred Suzie said...

A Gong Bath?! What the heck?! I've never heard of that before, at least you will have something to write about tomorrow Tammy. I hope it's fascinating and that is so cool about The Dance of the Dissident Daughter connection! I will have to look into The Thirteenth Tale in the future. Now that I am moving I am going to stick with these books that I got since I only have a month before I move! OMG, that is so insane.