A Hidden Talent...

Posted by Tammy

And so it begins... Happy November! Post #1 of 30! :)

I have a talent that I don't utilize very often. I wish I used it more!

I LOVE flowers and making arrangements. I prefer to buy cut flowers and do it myself than to buy pre-arranged bouquets. My very favorite thing to do is to arrange the flowers for a wedding though!

I have done this three times total. It has been quite some time since the last one I did. The first was way back in 1999. It was for a college student that I was supervising at our jobs at the CSU Bookstore. She had seen bouquets I'd brought in for random occasions and asked if I could do a wedding for her! The only bouquet I didn't do for her was her own. I made the bridesmaid's flowers, the boutonnieres, the vases for decorating, and even the cake topper!

It was a bit nerve-wracking as I'd never done anything of this magnitude before. My mom helped me with transporting everything and getting things set up at the venue. I couldn't have done it alone! I even arranged the flowers on the cake. Talk about scary! Yikes!

I truly believe that Julie loved what I did! It was a gorgeous wedding and I was proud of the flowers!

The next wedding I did was my niece Jennifer's wedding. I actually don't have (or can't find) photos of her flowers right now. I'll try to get some and post them later. This second one was a little easier because I had a better feel for what needed done and when. Her colors were all pinks, and the pink roses we used were SO beautiful! De-thorning roses is a tedious process though! (I think we used somewhere in the range of 12 dozen roses!) I'm happy that Jenny trusted me enough to do this huge part of her wedding! It was also a beautiful wedding, and she and Darren are quite happy, with a little girl now!

The third wedding I did was for my boss at the time, Diane, in 2000. She was marrying for the second time after her first husband had passed away. I was again pleased that she asked me to do her flowers! We used a lot of alstromeria and pink roses. The boutonnieres were made of stephanotis - which I'd never used before. It requires threading each blossom onto a pearl ended wire! Very pretty and fragile!

The only mishap with Diane's flowers was this. She had told me I needed to make 4 bridesmaid bouquets, but in reality, we needed 5! At the last minute, in the wedding venue, I pulled together the fifth bouquet using flowers from the decorative vases. I was lucky to have enough ribbon with me to do up one very similar to the others! Pshew!

I haven't done flowers for a wedding since, but I'd love to if given the opportunity again! I truly enjoyed all three that I've done. I know that if/when Mike and I get married, I'll arrange my own flowers! I've only ever worked with real, live flowers - never silk or dried!

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Sacred Suzie said...

That's amazing Tammy! Your decorations, your designs, bouquets...they're beautiful!

This really is a talent, BTW. I know this because I can't do a thing with flowers. I have zero skills in this department and to see you creating art with these beauties...it's wonderful.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful talent you have, Tammy! I hope you get more opportunities to share it.

I AM said...

i had no idea....you have so many gifts!