It's Friday!!

Posted by Tammy

Whoo Hoo! :) I'm glad the weekend is almost here. It hasn't been a bad week, just long!

Tonight, I'm going to my best friend Andrea's house. We co-hosted a jewelry party about 2 weeks ago, and all of our "loot" has arrived!! We have to go through it all, of course, and separate out my orders from hers. BUT - the best part... we each had over $300 free to spend on jewelry!! The party was a huge success, and boy, was it ever fun picking out jewelry!! (Thanks everyone who came to the party, and ordered!!)

We're going to have a little party of our own tonight. She is going to make a yummy pumpkin soup! I'm bringing the wine and bread. I have a bottle of wine that I packed in my suitcase from North Carolina to try out. I can't drink red (causes migraines) so I've decided I'm going to try all kinds of white instead. I love wine, and there is NO reason I can't drink white instead!! :)

I'll take pictures of our fun jewelry and post tomorrow! I have other ideas about my every day posts for the rest of the month, but I have to do some advance planning (this weekend!). I want to scan some photos, dig out some recipes, make some new artwork. (Vicki - be on the lookout for NEW art! {Vicki is my sister, and she was chiding me yesterday for the lack of new art!})

November is going to be fun - I just know it! :) Since I'm writing every day - tell me what you want to know about me! I'll write about it! Leave me a comment!

3 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

I can't imagine getting to spend that amount of money on free jewellery! That so rocks Tammy! I hope that the evening of pumpkin soup and wine went well.

I am in the middle of tagging you for the 10-20-30 meme right now, figured it was a good idea for those doing the NaBloPoMo. Don't feel you have to do it though!

Misty said...

lovely! it sounds like a great plan... pumpkin soup intrigues me...

um, is red wine a common migraine trigger?

Jamie said...

Hi Tammy!

Looking forward to your new art and seeing your new jewellery too!

One of my favourite whites is Pinot Grigio! Let me know if you give it a try.