Pumpkin Soup, Wine, Jewelry, Oh My!

Posted by Tammy

Last night was a very fun evening! I went to my friend Andrea's to look through all of our jewelry orders and to get my free jewelry!! We had our party about 2 weeks ago - the jewelry is a company called Premier Designs - home parties. Amy was our rep and she was just great!! (on the right - all of our orders and our wine!)

Whoo hoo! We had to look at all the jewelry everyone else ordered too. So pretty! There was a lot of other stuff I liked that didn't even catch my eye in the catalog!

First though - the wine! I brought a bottle of white wine home from North Carolina (in my suitcase!) and I brought it to share with Andrea. It was a 2005 Seyval Blanc from the Silver Coast Winery. I wish we'd actually visited the winery, but not on this trip! It was a really yummy wine! Very fruity, and a little sweet with a hint of apricot and pineapple! I'm going to just enjoy the whites since I can't drink the reds! :)

Next up - the jewelry!! We couldn't wait until after dinner. We opened every order that our guests had placed. We needed to see the jewelry in person! :) Everything is gorgeous, of course.

Then the really fun part - opening each of our orders!! Wow! I'm amazed at how much we were each able to order!
The fun part was opening our own free jewelry! We somehow managed (as we often do) to come out exactly even - not only dollar-wise, but number of pieces. We each had 11 (yes, eleven!) boxes to open!! Pshew!! Can you say FUN!? We only had one item in common. Andrea got a lot of earrings and rings. I opted for more necklaces and bracelets. Narrowing down our choices was the hardest part -so it was really great to see what we'd finally picked out! The only piece we got that was duplicated was a bracelet set called the Three Amigas. (appropriate!) - three bangles, one gold, one silver, and one copper.

We each put on ALL of our jewelry to take pictures - and were just a little silly! Savannah, Andrea's daughter helped us - and laughed at us. She is used to us being so silly though!!

Last, but not least, we made a wonderfully yummy pumpkin soup!! It is quite simple. The hardest part was cutting the pumpkin! I'll post the recipe and photos tomorrow! I must be in a soup mood. I just made a really yummy split pea soup for our dinner tonight as well!!

Don't forget to turn back your clocks everyone (in the US States that do that!) Happy Day 3 of NaBloPoMo!!

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Misa said...

That sounds so fun!

I'm mostly a bracelet and earrings kind of gal, as I have somewhat large fingers (so it's hard to find rings that fit) and bracelets, although I LOVE them and do wear them sometimes, bother me when they rub against my skin (which they do a lot when on the computer - I'm on the computer loads, at home and at work).

Sacred Suzie said...

Look at you all sparklies and gypsy-like! That pumpkin soup sounds awesome, I think I'll be making some soon too.

BellaKarma said...

LOVE the butterfly blouse too!