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New art!! (I promised my sister - there would be new art to post this month! Here is the first of it!)

I am hosting a swap in my Mojo Art Group. We are making inchies and swapping 12 for 12. I've never made inchies before, but I've read about and seen them! 1" x 1" square. Now that's tiny!

For my first attempt, I took a paper that was 4" x 3" and did my doodle on that size rather than attempting 12 small ones. I cut it down today to get my inchies. I think I'll add some more to these (like probably glitter!!) but here they are.

First - this is the big doodle, before being cut down.

This is the same doodle after being cut down to 1" squares! I think each piece looks pretty cool by itself too!

I'll post the end results if/when I do some more embellishing! I have other ideas for other inchies too. We shall see if I get to them. I have an ATC swap due date approaching - theme Project Runway (a show I've never seen! But, I have ideas how to make ATCs look like outrageous fashions!)

I'm also participating in a swap called "Art Not War" - each person (9 total players) is assigned a letter from Art Not War... Then we each get a set of ATCs back spelling that out. I think this will be fantastically fun. My letter is T. I have to get started!!

4 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Very cool art Tammy, you are so talented and I can't wait to see your future new stuff for the art not war group.

Misty said...

Great job Tammy! I love it!

~jolene said...

Ooooo the cool things you can do with your Inchies! Tammy, yours are SOCOOL!!!!

And ART - NOT WAR ...wow...can't wait to see what you do with the letter "T"...what a great idea for a swap! Anything that promotes ART, NOT WAR is awesome!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Tammy, these are so cool just like they are! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Project Runway (love that show) and the Art Not War projects too. :)