Leaves, Leaves, and Still More Leaves!

Posted by Tammy

Guess what we did this morning?! :) You got it in one - we raked leaves. And we're not done, but doing the front yard alone got us all tuckered out.

We live on a corner (a mistake we won't make again!) so we have WAY more area to cover than our neighbors... We've got a few more piles to pick up and the entire back yard still to go. I don't think it's going to happen today! Mike is off tomorrow (and I'm not!) so he may do more then... If not, it will have to be next weekend! It was fun, but a lot of work.

These photos show Mike working, and me laying down on the job, but I helped too! :) I promised Mike if I lay down in the leaves (for a photo op, of course) that I wouldn't spread them all about again! :)

Laundry was the other order of the day. Normally, I'm quite careful about leaving the dryer door open because of our cats (I've seen a kitty in a dryer accident and it's just awful!) But, just a few minutes ago, I had to run upstairs for more hangers... and I inadvertantly left the door open. Of course, I came back to find a black tail sticking out of the dryer. Luna had climbed in and curled up in the warm clothes... she didn't want to leave! Now that she's discovered this, I'll have to be doubly careful! Crazy girl!

3 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh dear! That was a close call. Look at that sweet feline face!

Those are a lot of leaves Tammy, what a workout. I will definitely take that into account while house hunting, not a corner lot, LOL.

Tammy said...

She's a very silly cat (aptly name Luna - or LOON-a). She was purring the whole time - even when I was scolding her and trying to drag her 17 lbs out of the dryer!!

Yep - definitely avoid those corners!! We're hoping for less snow than last year. Scooping more than TWO feet of snow off the sidewalks on both sides of our house was just too much!

I AM said...

ha, at least you were doing a load of darks!!