Lazy Saturday

Posted by Tammy

That's what we've had around here. We slept late, and then went to one of our favorite breakfast spots - The Breakfast Club. We were a bit later than usual, and it was packed! They still have fast, and friendly, service - and very yummy breakfasts!

We had some grocery shopping as well, so we did that before coming home. On our to-do list for tomorrow is raking leaves! Yikes - SO many leaves!! I love living in our house, but boy, the yard work is so much more than I'm used to! My little bitty yard at my old house was NO work because it was so small. We live on a corner... corner = lots of work! I'm looking forward to the first snow, but not the shoveling part!

So far, the rest of our day has been spent playing World of Warcraft. Mike has been playing battlegrounds with his level 29 shaman (Castaneda) and I've been playing battlegrounds with my level 59 druid (Banesidhe). It's a fun way to while away the hours (while in each other's good company!)

So... a boring post, because there is nothing exciting to report! I hope you all are enjoying your weekends too! :)

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