Me, by my middle name

Posted by Tammy

I was back at work today... but still feeling pretty bad. I called the doctor and we're going to try antibiotics since this illness is being so stubborn. I sure hope they help!!!

I thought I'd "borrow" a meme from DebR for today. She did this a while back and I thought it was fun - tucked it away for a future post - and here it is.

The rules are - spell out my middle name and tell you something about myself starting with each letter.

My middle name is Dale (named after Tammy Wynette and Dale Evans)

D - Drink - my favorite drink is Canada Dry club soda - raspberry flavor. It's not sweetened - just has a hint of flavor. I go through many bottles of this a week. I have to run to the grocery store often to procure more fizzy water!!

A - Anne of Green Gables - one of my all time favorite book series AND movie series. I've read the whole series numerous times and watched all umpteen hours of movies many times. I recently watched the first four hours again! Love it just as much as ever!!

L - Libra - I am a Libra - totally! I fit the bill on everything about Libras - my chart is full of Libra and very little else. This makes it hard for me to make up my mind because I can always see both sides! I have to find balance in everything.

E - Energy - Until I met Mike, I had never done any energy work. Because he does Reiki, I've been introduced to that and to several other modalities of energy work. I like it! I don't feel the energy as much as Mike does, but I can feel energies now!

2 Opinions:

Deb R said...

That was fun! I especially liked hearing who you were named after. :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

No wonder we get along so well Tammy, I'm Aquarius which is a perfect fit with Libras. I hope the antibiotics help you feel better soon. I also just unofficially tagged you for another meme, no pressure though. :)