What to write?

Posted by Tammy

Today is the first day in November that I have had NO idea of what to write! So far, I've had stuff to post, or a meme to do, or photos to share... I have more photos that I scanned in that I will share, but not today.

My mom suggested I write about weather. My parents are always interested in what the weather is like here - that's the first thing Daddy asks. They spend the winters in the Palm Springs area of California - and it's still HOT there!

I grew up in Colorado. I've lived within 15 miles of where I grew up my whole life. I'm used to living in a very sunny state. Guess what my favorite weather is? You got it - gray and rainy days! We don't have very many of these here in CO. I wish we had more. I guess this is why I'm drawn to the Pacific Northwest so much.

It is November (obviously) but it is almost 70 degrees today. It's too warm for this time of year! I want it to get cold. I want snow (even though I don't want to shovel the walks!) I'm tired of the warm weather. I want to bundle up and for it to be winter! The climate has changed here in CO. It used to be much colder in the winters. There used to be more definite season changes. I miss that.

I'm sure I'll be fussing when we DO get snowy and cold weather... but for now - that is what I'm wishing for. What are you wishing for today?

3 Opinions:

Misty said...

um, not snow. :) After living in Michigan, I am grateful for a pacific northwest autumn!
I am wishing this oncoming migraine would disappear and that I could find my productivity, which ran away and didn't leave any clues!

I AM said...

I didn't know what to write about today either. Hard to come up with substance EVERY day.

Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, if you want dark and wet you gotta come out west around where I live. It's been so dark! I love grey, wet and misty day but darkness is hard.

You are such a west coaster at heart Tammy! I hope you get here soon.