A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted by Tammy

Well, those memes I did yesterday and the day before got me reminiscing! I went to the basement and dug out the old photo album even! My memories are foggy, at best, when I was a kid. But seeing photos helps jog it - or at least helps me remember the stories I've been told!

I found a few photos of myself that I have scanned in to share with you! :) I was a cute kid (if I do say so myself... and I do!)

This first one is of my first birthday (which was September 25, 1975). The cake was made by a friend of the family and was apparently very cold still at the time of this photo. The frosting was in peaks - which, because they were cold, were very pointy. I was not happy when I stuck my face into the frosting I guess! It poked me!

I'm not sure what the occasion was in this photo from 1976 (I would be around 2). I seem to remember that my brother played baseball (maybe?) and perhaps I was supporting his team... ? Who knows? But, anyway - I thought it was a cute picture!

This next one is one of my favorites! I even remember this photo from when I was a kid. I have NO idea why I was wearing only one red boot. I guess I was a fashion trendsetter back in the day! Love the pink dress with the red boot. I'm guessing my mom had wanted me to wear the white shoes, but I was wanting the boots... (My dad always wore/wears boots, so I wanted to be like him!)

This last picture (for today) is of all of my siblings, myself, and my nephew, Tracy. There are a couple of my sibling's spouses as well. I'm the little kid on the right (being held by my sis, Vicki). The next closest in age to me is Tom - the petulant teenager right behind me.

(Front L to R: Julie (Joe's wife), my bro Joe, sis Mary, sis Connie (nephew Tracy covering his face), sis Rhonda, me in sis Vicki's arms. Back L to R: No idea who this guy is (**edited to add - this was my sister Rhonda's boyfriend at the time, Mike)... Ed (peeking above Mary's head - my sis Connie's husband), bro John, and bro Tom.)

4 Opinions:

I AM said...

oh my gosh, ADORABLE!!!

and oh, by the way, i had the exact same panda cake.... i think it was for my 4rd birthday.

Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, you are just the CUTEST! I love this memory lane walk, thank you for sharing them and I just love those red boots. That's hysterical you couldn't decide which shoe to wear, super cute.

BlueJude said...

The boot/shoe thing is TOO funny! Thanks, I needed a smile!

Tammy said...

Thanks guys!! Funny we shared a simlilar B-day cake Tanaya! Must have been all the rage back in the day.

I'm thinking - I need some red boots NOW! :) Or even some red shoes - I don't own any!