Helpful cats and Christmas shopping

Posted by Tammy

No, the two are not really related. But I have some photos to share! :) Last week, our cats Ben and Luna decided to help with laundry. Ben was buried in my clean laundry and didn't budge when I put hangers on him! Luna just had to get into the act as well. They were so cute, I couldn't be mad. What's a little cat hair?!

Last night, Mike and I went to Old Town, Fort Collins to do a little Christmas shopping and have dinner. We found a few things for Christmas, but still have more to get! Sheesh! He has his dad's name and I have his step-mom's. They aren't the easiest to buy for!

While we were walking in the plaza, we noticed the fountain! I don't remember seeing it actually running this time of year before - it was SO beautiful. Some of the water was frozen, and some was moving. It was just great!

2 Opinions:

Misty said...

that really is beautiful!

Shannon said...

Awww what cute pics of the kitties! They are so hard to get mad at when they are all cute like that!