Weekend Fun!

Posted by Tammy

I'm late in posting these photos. Last weekend, I went to my best friend Andrea's house. She invited several people for a "tree-trimming festival"! :) Her friends Dana, Stacey, Shirley and I were there to help Andrea and her daughter Savannah trim their Christmas tree!

I haven't put up a Christmas tree since about 1997. My cats (at the time) Oscar and Lissy knocked my tree over, breaking a lot of ornaments. I haven't put one up since! I have TONS of holiday decorations that are going unused in my basement (which is just sad...) So, when Andrea invited me, I was excited to help! Savannah and I had a good time putting up the lights and the garland. She held the bulk of it and untangled it as I wrapped it around.

We all had a good time placing ornaments on, listening to Christmas music, and eating cookies and having cocoa. The weather outside was quite frightful - snowing like crazy (so pretty!) but we were having fun inside!

THIS Saturday was Mike's birthday! We had dinner on Friday night to celebrate - we went to Carrabba's - his favorite Italian in our town. He isn't a steak eater normally, but loves theirs! It's so good! We went all out - had wonderful appetizers (zucchini fries!!), drinks, yummy dinner, and to top it all off... Blue Bell Vanilla Ice cream!! Blue Bell isn't sold up here - it's a southern thing - Mike grew up with it. It is truly the best ice cream ever! Well, Carrabba's serves it! Yummy!!

We were going to go out for breakfast on Saturday, but Mike wasn't feeling great, so we stayed home and went out on Sunday morning! He had a good day in spite of not feeling great. I got him good presents! :) A ThinkGeek.com gift certificate, some jammies, and the oddest gift of all... ground Yak meat. It's his favorite thing ever, and hard to find! We had yak burgers for dinner - it really is yummy!

On Sunday afternoon, I met Andrea and Savannah to see a movie. We went to Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. This was an unexpected treat. I really loved this movie. In fact, it's likely I'll buy it on DVD when it comes out! Dustin Hoffman is wonderful as always. The message of the movie was wonderful!! My favorite quote:

Your life is an occasion, rise to it.

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Tammy said...

What a festive time! Happy Birthday Mike! Love, love that song!


Misty said...

I am yet to see that movie!
It sounds like a lovely weekend, the tree trimming party sounds great!