It's snowing...

Posted by Tammy

And has been since Friday night it seems! We had about 4 inches over the weekend, and woke up to about 3 more this morning. It's still snowing too! I can't decide if I'm irritated or happy about it. On one hand, it is pretty. On the other, driving in it is NO fun. This morning took me more than twice as long to get to work as usual. It seems the roads weren't at all plowed!!! Even the main "drags". Sheesh. I think... just maybe, I'm ready to move somewhere that gets little or no snow! (And I know for sure, I don't want to live on a corner ever again! Scooping twice the sidewalks!!! Blech!)

Our backyard on Saturday night - the first one with flash, second one without. I love the flakes that are visible in the air.

My grumpy Oscar boy begs to go outside when there is snow. I don't let him stay out at all alone - but just for a couple minutes with me. He was SO happy!

Our Tibetan prayer flags in the backyard - with snow sticking to the line.

My mirror gazing ball in the front yard... look at all the snow piled on top! :)

4 Opinions:

Tammy said...

Hi Tammy!
I've missed you all so much! No snow for us yet but I get your mixed feelings. My kitty has never been in snow...hmmm.

Sure looks great!


Misty said...

beautiful photos! love them, but gotta admit, glad the snow is in your area and not a little farther west in ours!

Autumn said...

Brrrr. It is pretty, but I am glad it is in your area and not mine. We are getting highs in the 70's today

BellaKarma said...

I've always loved that mirror gazing ball...especially in the snow!