365 Photos - catching up

Posted by Tammy

1/18/08 - Ben the Fuzz

1/19/08 - Berry Crisp from this recipe.

1/20/08 - Treasure Map mandala - made in an art group with my art therapist.
I'll do a whole post on this soon!

1/21/08 - Miss Girl enjoying catnip.

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nap girl said...

tammy, i love it that you are a fellow cat girl and knowing that you will ALWAYS understand the kitty sentiments and myriad pics i post on my blog! i am very interested to hear about the treasure map mandalas~love mandalas. have oodles of mandala coloring books and was honored to see one being created out of colored sand by tibetan monks~it was incredible. i was surprised at the end how they just quickly wipe it away, that which took days to create. I later learned that doing so symbolizes impermanence (a Buddist teaching) and that the sand is often placed in some body of water where is will "flow" and spread blessings. :) ox kelley

Autumn said...

Great photos. I checked out the recipe and it sounds really yummy.

Tammy said...

I loved your video and other treats found here. Catnip? Is that food. Do ferro cats know what it is?


Jana B said...

Ohhhhhh the Berry Crisp looks delicious!!!!!!! I'm starting a database of recipes (and their links) on my computer and added that and the casserole to my database... I plan to search your blog later for any other recipes you may have hidden on here :)

*scrolling up to read about the awesome-looking treasure map*