The last few days

Posted by Tammy

have been busy!! Things at work have been hopping, and I've been really tired in the evenings!

My photo-taking for 365 this year is going well! I'm enjoying taking photos of my every day life.


This is Mike in his favorite environment. In the dark, playing World of Warcraft with his lighted keyboard! :) He is playing the battleground Alterac Valley with his level 67 Warlock, Bantz.


Oscar has enjoyed this bag immensely. It's torn to shreds, but he still loves sitting in it!! :) He chases across the room into the bag.

Yesterday was my favorite thing... a dentist appointment. YUCK! I hate it, but it wasn't too bad. It was a new dentist, and he was really nice. My teeth aren't too bad in spite of the fact that I haven't been in about three years. I was prompted to go in because I'm having some jaw pain. Turns out I have a really bad, crooked bite. It's been that way forever, but only now has it started hurting. For today, he made me this bite splint - it fits on my front teeth and keeps my jaw straight when I'm wearing it. I can't talk with it in, but it has already helped - the muscles in my jaw feel less tense already!

For more long term, he will make a bite plate for me that I'll wear much of the time. Hopefully I'll be able to talk better with it than this splint! It's not a cheap procedure, but if it helps, I'm game. I think that this jaw problem may be the source of some of my headache trouble too. Maybe correcting this will help that!


And last but most certainly NOT least, the wonderful Mary Ann gave me a "You Make My Day" award a couple days ago!! Since she nominated me for this, I'm now supposed to pass this on to ten other bloggers who make MY day! There are so many, it is difficult to narrow down! I know some of you will have already received this from someone else too. If you have, and don't want to pass it on anymore, that's OK too. But, it really made my day to know that I make Mary Ann's! So passing it along is a good thing!!

My ten nominees for this fun award are (in no particular order):

Mary Ann - I have to pass it back. She is always so positive and upbeat. She creates up a storm, which is inspiring. And she is always so loving and generous with the blog community! She is definitely a blogger I aspire to be like! Mary Ann makes my day every time - no matter what the post is about!

Melba - Melba inspires me as well! Her blog is so open and honest. I have learned a lot from reading what Melba writes about her own journey! I don't always comment, but boy, she makes me think! She has created a wonderful place for creative bloggers with the Create a Connection blog also. I have "met" many new, wonderful bloggers through challenges and swaps there! Melba's photos always make my day too!

Tammy - The Daily Warrior - she is inspiring partially because she writes about her struggles with ALS. Tammy makes me laugh and cry with her honest posts. (Plus, she has a great name!) The music on Tammy's blog always makes my day!

Suzie - Suzie has inspired me to find my path again to do with all things pagan! I feel like Suzie and I would be great friends "in real life" too! Suzie's recipes and kitchen photos make my day!

Jamie - Suzie's sister - she inspires me with her drive to accomplish her goals. Her progress reports and accomplishments always make my day!

Shannon - Yes - she is Suzie's sister too! Shannon makes my day with her updates to her 101 in 1001 list. She has accomplished so much already, and it's so fun to see what she is working towards!!

Jana - Jana's blog amazes me because of her openness to share. I've learned a lot from Jana. She makes my day with her little comments... such as *giggle*!

Lila - She is so creative and has so much artistic talent! She makes my day when she posts new projects and art!!

Jill - aka The Happy Hooker. Jill makes me laugh! Her posts always make my day. She is quirky, crafty and very funny! I was lucky enough to have a winning bid on an altered journal of Jill's. I love it!

Jolene - aka Jill's mom! Jolene and Jill are two bloggers who I just know would be fun to hang out with! Jolene never ceases to amaze me with her talent! I also own a journal that Jolene made - I was the lucky winner of a drawing!! :) You make my day too Jolene!!

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Misty said...

such lovely tributes to your friends!!!

~jolene said...

Tammy - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your blog always Makes My Day as well!!!!!

I will pass the honor on to 10 bloggers once my head is clear...I am in bed...SICK again! Blah!

BellaKarma said...

Wow Tammy! You made my day! I'll be sure to pass it on in my next blog post. :)
And I look forward to checking out the company I am in!

mary ann said...

xo tammy xo! you are such a dearheart! thank you for all your kind & generous words. i think this award is going to be like a "bad penny" (but in a totally good way, lol)!

i love that pix of oscar!!! our cats are manic like that too lol with bags, boxes, blanket tents, piles of laundry, laundry baskets, furniture...etc. nothing is sacred with those furballs!!!

i will be sending your the 411 about the journal project! thank you sooooo much for being a part of this!!!

xo mary ann

Melba said...

Thank you Tammy! I think you are such a sweetie :)
and that pizza bake looks soooo Yummy!

Jana B said...

Hehe awwwwww... thanks Tammy!!!!! *giggle*