3 Years Ago This Month.

Posted by Tammy

Three Years ago in mid-February, my best friend Andrea and I (and her friend Stacey) were in New York City to celebrate her 30th birthday! I pulled out some of my stuff from our trip. We saw Wicked and ate at this amazing Italian place (more than once!) We went to museums (the MoMA being our favorite!) We played tourists! It was fantastic! Both of us were reminiscing and wanting to go back!!


2/12/08 (taken 2/12/05)

We were also there for the opening of the Installation Art Exhibit by Christo and Jeanne-Claude called "The Gates". This photo above is Central Park on that morning! Amazing sight. We didn't know about it until we arrived in NY. What a cool thing to be a part of!!

Stacey is on the left, I'm middle, and Andrea right. This shows how tall these gates were. (I'm 5'8" or so!)

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