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Posted by Tammy

*Start Shameless Promotion* I haven't been writing here much of late. But, I am still blogging! I'm getting paid to blog, in fact!

I have had my work blog for about a year, but just recently, we decided to broaden out my topic and I've really been having fun with it.

I work for a company called
World by the Tail, Inc. My job is business manager/webcrafter. Our main product is called ClayPaws®, the original paw print kit. We sell these all over the country to veterinary clinics who then make paw print impressions for their clients. Many (most) times they are in conjunction with the death of a beloved pet as a memory!

My blog is called the
ClayPaws® Connection. I am writing about our products, of course, but I'm also writing about many other pet related topics! Jump on over and take a peek if you're interested! I'd love to "see" some familiar faces over there too! *End Shameless Promotion*

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Ginnie said...

Good for you, Tammy. It never hurts to promote something you believe in.