Moving update and Creative Life Mosaic #2

Posted by Tammy

As you know, Mike and I are hoping to move to an ocean this year. His job is very stressful, and he has been looking for other jobs for quite some time. Well, today, he found out from his current supervisor that a job in Portland, OR called to check his references!! He knew he was a candidate for an interview, but hadn't heard anything more than that.

SO... still no set interview, but hopefully, we'll hear that news soon! This is the closest he has come to an actual, possible job somewhere else! It's exciting. I'll keep you posted as we hear! Portland would be a great place for us. We both love the Pacific Northwest! Send some good "interview" vibes to Mike!

Below is my next Creative Life Mosaic - Bookshelf! I had fun with this one. I love books - and have way more than fit on my current bookshelves. (In boxes in the basement!) I also have a lot of "stuff" on my bookshelves - pictured here too!


Join in on this project if you can! It really is a fun idea!! Go visit Kelley! :)

3 Opinions:

Janet said...

Portland, OR is a great city! HB and I lived there for about a year nad we liked it. I'll send lots of good vibes your way and hope that Mike gets the interview and the job.

Your bookshelf mosaic is cool. I have way too many books but I love them and just can't resist buying more!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh, it would be the PERFECT place for you two! I will keep my fingers crossed for you Tammy, I envy you getting away from the snow and going to the Pacific. You deserve it, you've been away from the ocean long enough my friend.

Jana B said...

I love this mosaic project... I can see SO much of your life this way! How cool!!!

I'm so excited that Mike has a new possible job... WOO HOO!!!!!