My Creative Life Mosaic #1 - Bathroom

Posted by Tammy

Kelley at "a resting place" is hosting this fun photo challenge! (I mentioned it the other day!) I finally had time (and motivation!) to take my photos. Here is my first mosaic for the first challenge she posted - Bathroom.


This is my bathroom (Mike has his own and we have a third guest bathroom.) I love bright colors and I matched my rugs and towels to my curtain. My rugs are lime green. I have bright orange towels and lime green hand towels.

Mike actually bought the hangers for the curtain. I sent him (on our move in day, actually) to get a few things - thinking he would come back with very plain, simple shower curtain hangers. He picked these instead. (I really like them!)

You can see I'm not really organized - some of my jewelry is jumbled up on my counter! I have candles there too, even though there really isn't room! I showed you some of my favorite products too. Olbas is fabulous and I use it when my neck is hurting - the menthol helps for whatever reason! I also really love Burt's Bees - this cleaner for my face smells citrusy. I can't eat citrus but I love the scent! :) I also have lots of things in a scent called Velocity - they are mostly gifts from my friend, Andrea. She sold Mary Kay, and I love this scent!! :)

The mirror (sun/moon) is actually outside the door of my bathroom. I love this mirror! It was a gift from my friend (and previous landlord) Nancy!

I really like this mosaic - it was fun to take the pictures and to see them all grouped. Join in on this project if you can! It really is a fun idea!! Go visit Kelley! :) I'll be back tomorrow with my second mosaic - Bookshelf!!

3 Opinions:

JC said...

Nice mosaic. Wow, you have lots of color in your bathroom!

Autumn said...

I have that mirror!
Love the bathroom

Misty said...

i love this! What a fun project...