Cute cat and fun mail and a NEW project!

Posted by Tammy

2/7/08 - Miss Girl pauses precariously to scratch - at the top of the stairs!

2/8/08 - Fun Mail! My returns from the "Art Not War" ATC Swap. You all saw my "T"
cards a while back - well here is the whole set! (Mine is the upper right "T")
Awesome, no? Loved this one for sure!! And it came in this FUN envie!!

Jana Tagged me too! I'll post my answers to the tag maybe tomorrow! :) I am also participating in a new project called "My Creative Life Mosaics" - Kelley at "a resting place" is hosting this fun idea! I'll have my first two mosaics to post tomorrow hopefully too! I helped her out by creating a badge for this project - check it out! I think it will be fun! And it fits with my 365 photos too!

creative life mosaics

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Anonymous said...

I love these ATCs! I'm just now learning about ATCs and have participated in a few swaps. These are fun and funky!