365 Photos (catching up... again!)

Posted by Tammy

2/5/08 - Sunrise from our back yard

2/4/08 - Remington in the snow. Remi comes to work with my co-worker
Patricia every day. He was entertaining us this day being cute in the snow.

2/3/08 - Breakfast at Lucile's - our favorite breakfast place! YUM!!

2/2/08 - Henry

2/1/08 - Sunset at our house

1/31/08 - Ben

1/30/08 (taken in 1993!) Obviously, I didn't take this photo, but I'm including it in my 365.
My friend Nicole (in the hat) scanned this in. It is our drama group - at our awards banquet.
I think I won the award of "Best Female in a Male Role" that year... yes, I played a male in
several of our productions actually! (if you don't recognize me, I'm the one in red.)

2 Opinions:

Tammy said...

Congrats on your drama club award! I enjoyed the catch up shots. :)

I got a kitty condo via internet at "Stepsforcats" so wish me luck. I hope she will stop scratching my leather recliner. :)

Jana B said...

OMW Tammy... that breakfast looks HEAVENLY!!!!!!

The sunset is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

How sad is it that I steadfastly REFUSE to read your blog at work, because I can't listen to your music there as I read??? I'm gonna have to download that song onto my computer sometime soon...