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Posted by Tammy

I have not felt like blogging lately. I'm not sure why... I have been reading your blogs, but just haven't wanted to write on my own.

Things have been a bit stressful over the last couple of weeks - maybe that's why. I've had a lot of dental work done - which I hate - so I haven't felt great. I also threw my back out on Sunday... PAIN! It's better now thankfully.

Mike's job is just awful, so his stress carries over to home. Please send out good vibes, energy, prayers (whatever you believe) for a new job to come through for him. He has applied to two different possibilities in Portland, OR - both would be great, with relocation costs covered!! (Vicki - remember... Portland, not Seattle! :) )

I've been keeping up with taking a photo a day! That's been my only creative endeavor lately, but it is fun!

This first photo is an amazingly FUN photo of my Random Re-Gift Swap (hosted by Melba at
Create a Connection) package that I received from April!! WOW!! What a fun box to open - so many treasures. My sister Vicki said, "just pack this back up and send it on to ME!". Thanks April!!


1/23/08 (My feet in stripey socks and curious Henry's paws)

1/24/08 Oscar in the bag with Henry looking on.

1/25/08 - Grumpy Mike

1/26/08 - Screenshot from World of Warcraft. Mike's character Pleiades, and
my warrior Andromedah defeat the spider Terokarantula! :)

1/27/08 Luna and Oscar cuddling together! So cute!

1/28/08 - Fun mail from my nephew David, and niece Joy. Love the envelope! :)

1/29/08 - Miss Girl cuddling with me. She was even purring
(which doesn't happen often) and drooling

9 Opinions:

Misty said...

SOOOO fun. That packaged would have rocked my socks off... It looked like Heaven! (and wouldn't you know. I have been looking for a heart punch. Blast!!! :)

Jamie said...

What great pictures. How cute are those cats! And what fun to get such exciting mail. Lots to enjoy!

And I'm sending you good-moving-opportunity vibes!

Janet said...

Wow! That's some box of goodies!! You really hit the jackpot.

I have not been feeling good so I haven't blogged much lately. So I know how you feel. I hope Mike gets another job as stress is not a good thing.

Love all the kitty photos!!

nap girl said...

tammy, i am praying for new and wonderful opportunities for you and your hubby :)
ox kelley

Jana B said...

OMW, the pic of the cat in the paper bag is BEYOND cute!!!

I'll definately send prayers Mike's way... that you find the perfect job for him in a nice coastal area that you'll love!

I LOVE the stripey socks!!!! Fun socks ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwww... cuddling with a kitty is one of life's great pleasures! Too bad my Psychokitty likes the outdoors so much... I would like to have her inside again. She tried to come in last week, but I started sneezing a lot... not sure if I'm allergic to her furr, or just to whatever she's been walking around in outside. I never used to be allergic to her when she was an indoor kitty before... *pondering*

holly said...

Hi Tammy!!! I desperately hope Mike gets a new job. So many people are going through a horrible workplace, WTF?? I'm beginning to think that the corporate world really needs to change! I'll send good vibes your way for a better and more fun workplace for him. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hello tammy, I ran across your blog when I read the comments on Jana's blog, I'm very addicted to blogging and reading others blogs!I'm sending good vibes your way, because I'll need them soon, I'll be looking for a job sometime before the year is over, I hope! Anyway, hope you don't mind me leaving a comment.

nap girl said...

hi tammy - leaving you a message here in case you still haven't received my emails...i know you said you haven't gotten them...making sure you aren't having email problems. take care & let me know if you got the one i sent today.
ox kelley

Vicki said...

Yes, your sister Vicki did say "Just pack it up and send it to me" Now, WHERE IS IT? I keep checking my mail!!!
Love Sis