Yummy (homemade) Dinner

Posted by Tammy

Mike and I have decided we love polenta. I knew this already, but I've never cooked with it - only ordered it in restaurants! We bought a tube of pre-made garlic/basil polenta last week. I tried a breakfast with it over the weekend ... it was OK, but not great - wrong combo of flavors.

But, dinner! That is another story - a yummy one! I got a brainstorm and tried it out - and it was a huge success!

First, I sliced the remaining polenta into 1/4" thick slices and put them in to fry in olive oil.

While that was cooking - I started the "sauce" or topping. (Mike was helping me by chopping mushrooms and tomatoes!) I started with olive oil and garlic (minced, from a jar) in my skillet. I added sliced button mushrooms and sliced crimini mushrooms. And then, I chopped up some fresh basil and added that. I also added a couple slices of red onion (because that's what I had on hand.) Isn't it pretty with that bright green basil in there? :)

Next, I added in three chopped, roma tomatoes. This time of year, they don't have much juice, so I added a splash of sherry to give it a bit of liquid. I let that all simmer for a couple minutes, and then I added a handful of grated asiago cheese.


We spooned this concoction over our slices of polenta and added a bit more cheese, and there you have it... dinner! A very fast, quite simple dinner - but, oh so yummy! I WILL be making this again. I can't wait until summer for the fresh produce! We have a mushroom farm near us - their unique types of mushrooms will be so good in this too!

Now, I've gone and made myself hungry and it's a while 'til lunch!

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Misty said...

oh my... It looks and sounds amazing. I could almost smell the garlic and tomatoes!!!

holly said...

That does look yummy!!! So yummy I've tagged you for a meme!!! I'm just bitter I couldn't try any.

Janet said...

I just ate lunch a little bit ago but that sure does look good.

lila said...

I love polenta when it is browned in olive oil like that! We love it with Italian Sausage and Peppers (can't remember if you are vegetarian..)Your recipe looks good!

~jolene said...

Tammy, you just gave me another perfect vegetarian meal! I am going to make it this week! Our Trader Joe's sells the tubes of polenta :)
Thank You!

Tammy said...

It was so good that I made another version of it for dinner last night! I had mushrooms left that needed using! This time I did use some Italian sausage (we're not vegetarians!) The polenta this time was sun-dried tomato and garlic. Really an easy, quick - semi-healthy dinner! Took half an hour from start to finish (with no help from Mike this time!)

hollibobolli said...

That looks really good!!! I know Target's brand had some pre-made polenta but it had chicken in it I think.

I'm starting to think about going vegetarian (for me and Faith) so I seriously may be hitting your blog for ideas.

Maybe you have some recipes to add to the wiki??

Ginnie said...

It sounds great. I've lost touch with you and wonder if you ever made it to North Carolina. I think you said you might be transferring to here.

Tammy said...

I think I need to share recipes more often! It does get ideas flowing, huh?

We're not vegetarian, but I like to cook veggie meals pretty often. Mike is OK with it as long as I don't use the dreaded squash!

Holli - what's wiki? I'm clueless!

Ginnie - we vacationed in Wilmington in October and LOVED it! Mike was hopeful about a couple of jobs in the Raleigh area, but nothing has come through so we're still in CO for now. He is searching all over including NC, OR, WA - somewhere near a coast!

Jana B said...

Silly question here, but what section of the supermarket do you find polenta in?

Tammy said...

Jana- I found polenta in two different places. If your store has a natural/organic section - you can find it there. The other place was on the "noodle" aisle.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!! We love Polenta, too! I'm always looking for good vegetarian dishes - I'll definitely try this one!