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On Friday, Mike got the news that he had not qualified for the job in Oregon. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. He took the news better than I did - perhaps because he has worked in the gov't system for a long time and understands better what it takes to qualify.

I had definitely set my hopes high for this one. It was the "perfect" job - because of location mainly.

So... now we move on to Plan B. We don't really have a plan B as of yet, but we're trying to figure out what we should do. Both of us long to move to the coast, so that's still where we're focusing.

Things have gotten worse for Mike at work... everything is still settling after a big reorganization, so we'll see what shakes out for him. Last week was VERY rough. If it continues along those lines, he will need to get out of there for his health's sake (and mine! I had a horrible migraine on Saturday.) Sometimes, I truly think we should just pack it up and head for Oregon, job or no. I am extremely lucky in that my employers will let me keep my full-time job with them even when we move! So, we have one job to move on! Now we just need to figure out a job for Mike! Anyone know of any openings on the southern coast of Oregon?

Keep thinking ocean thoughts for us! We'll get there - just later than I was hoping!

In other news - I'm still having trouble wanting to post and write here. I think that things are sufficiently stressful right now that I am withdrawing a bit and being my introverted self more than usual. I still visit all of you and I hope you'll still stop in here even though my posts are few and far between!

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Misty said...

hang in there! disappointments suck! I am so sorry but the mysterious plan b will probably be loads better!

Anonymous said...

ahh, I'm sorry - how disappointing! But don't give up! Keep looking in the place you want to go - something WILL turn up sooner or later. =) Still thinking ocean thoughts for you two!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Tammy, I'm so sorry. I can see how hard this news would hit you. You know, my husband was the only one working and his job was OK with us moving so we just packed up and headed west without a place to live or anything. It was tough, but we made it to BC and loved it. Lots of bad stuff happened but amazing stuff happened too.

I can understand your need to withdraw, I feel your spirit with me though and hope you can sense me holding your hand.

nap girl said...

i am so sorry to hear of the disappointment tammy and that mike continues to have such grief at work. something is out there for you and it will surely present itself when the time is right. you are in my prayers sweet girl and dont fret about the blogging ~ blogging without obligation is a good thing :) email anytime if you want to chat.
hugs kelley

Jana B said...

Oh Tammy... I know how awesome that job sounded. I'm sorry it didn't pan out.

I am definately thinking ocean thoughts for you... you'll get there one way or another!! Maybe you COULD just pack up and go? Something to think about, huh?

Blog when you like... I know you're present, even when you're not writing... and it's okay to withdraw sometimes. *hug*

Tammy said...

I'm So sorry you guys!!!! I can't write in turmoil either but I can keep positive vibes for new beginnings. XXOO

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry the job didn't work out! I'm not religious, but I do think things do or don't happen for a reason....
Okay- yes it seems crazy and I'd hate to see you go. But if you want to go- just go! Chad and I didn't have degrees, didn't have a place to live lined up and didn't have jobs and went out there with our UHaul in 1998 and it was one the best moves we ever made! It will be easier to find a job once you are there. It was difficult, there were tears at first, but it was also a great adventure!