Trip - Part 1... and news!

Posted by Tammy

I'm working on uploading photos! But, I took a ton, so it's slow going!!

The first part of our trip to Oregon was east of Portland to the Columbia River gorge! We headed directly for Multnomah Falls. It is truly a breathtaking waterfall!! I am blown away by it each time! It is 620 feet tall and the water just absolutely crashes down! It was running VERY full on this visit, so was even more impressive if that's possible!

We spent an hour or more just taking it all in! We got quite soaked from the spray from the falls! It was a very hot day (95 degrees+, very unusual I guess!) so the spray was welcome!

We then headed a few more miles down the gorge to The Dalles where we stayed for the night. We found a Mexican restaurant where we had eaten on our last trip - really yummy food!! (They had actually moved, so we couldn't find them right off, but wound up there!)

The next morning we headed back west (making our way to the coast) and took the time to drive the gorgeous Historic Columbia River highway! This takes you back along the hills and several other waterfalls! We saw Horsetail Falls, Wahkeena, and we hiked the short way back to see the Bridal Veil Falls. It was so amazingly gorgeous the whole way! All of the falls were spectacular. We timed it right! They were running pretty full and fast because of the spring run-off!

Then we made our way to the coast - I believe we met the ocean near Astoria. We stopped at several places we remembered from our first trip! It is so beautiful no matter where you stop and look! I absolutely do love the Oregon coast! (And it wasn't stinky this year - there were dead jelly fish last time because of a storm and it was smelly!) We stayed the first night in Lincoln City. We had an amazing dinner here - recommended by our hotel. It was a restaurant with an ocean view where I was able to get some truly yummy fish! (It was halibut encrusted with macadamia nuts, on top of garlic mashed potatoes, smothered with dungeness crab and parmesan cheese, and a sherry clam sauce. Wow! So unique and totally yummy!!!)

I'll continue with the story tomorrow - if you want to see more (MANY more) pictures - I'm uploading them to my flickr. There will be more, but I've got a good start at uploading them!

And in other news!! Mike is eligible for the job in Salem!!! WHOO HOO!! We're hoping he'll hear more news tomorrow. If he gets this, things are going to move at a whirlwind rate - like we'll be moved in six weeks! Yikes!! I'll keep you posted!

More stories and photos tomorrow!

5 Opinions:

solsticedreamer said...

sounds like a fantastic time. the waterfalls are amazing, over here we have to travel north by about 300 miles to see any!
i love the light through the leaves on the tree's too, but i am biased being such a tree lover!

Sacred Suzie said...

So beautiful! Oh that waterfall took my breath away and filled me with watery joy. Thank you for sharing that with us and you look so happy! I really hope this position opens up for you two, you really deserve it. :) Hugs to you! I hope it happens, I really do.

Patty said...

I love the photos! That waterfall is amazing..Good luck on your hubby getting the new job.

themad1s said...

6 weeks! Wowza...

It will fly by. I can completely, 100% relate to exactly what you're feeling right now.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way 7 hope that you hear something soon.

Nicole said...

Yeah Tammy! I was wondering how your trip went! We lived in Troutdale, pretty much the entrance into the Columbia Gorge. You make me really miss it there (especially the beautiful waterfalls!)
I'm so happy for you guys and that you had a good trip!