Oregon Bound!

Posted by Tammy

We're headed off tomorrow morning for Oregon. This is a combo vacation/searching to move trip. We're going to spend time in Portland, Salem and the small towns along the coast - all with an eye to moving to OR!

Be back in a week or so with trip updates (and maybe wedding details - as I'm sure we'll discuss more on our trip!!)

3 Opinions:

nap girl said...

did some blog catch up reading today and wowie there has been some big news on your end ~ Congratulations on your engagement!!! love it that he took you by surprise :) your ring is beautiful too...i wish you the best! hope you find more good things on your oregon trip and i look forward to hearing how it went. ox kelley

holly said...

Hope it went well, can't wait to hear about your adventure!! Hugs

BellaKarma said...

Congratulations Darlin'!
Such awesome news!
Totally behind on blog reading -- I'll be back soon to catch up on your adventures!