My Quilt

Posted by Tammy

My mom is making me a quilt (well, it's for both Mike and I really!) I think I've mentioned it before. She is very close to having it done!!

The materials I picked were quilter's batiks!! Very wild colors, but oh-so-fun! Mom has had fun making this one - so many people have commented on it as she works! Here are pictures she sent of what she had put together so far. They will be home (to Colorado) in mid-July. Maybe she'll have it done by then!

This is the front:

And this is the back:

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AwtemNymf said...

Wow- thats a lot of work, but you'll be wrapped in love once its done! Tammy- it's beautiful and I'm sure you and your husband will cherish it for years to come! I just love the handiwork and colors! Beautiful... simply beautiful!
Fae Hugs-

Sacred Suzie said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and what a treasure for you! I think presents like that mean the world and are absolutely priceless.

Janet said...

I love the colors you chose. How wonderful to have a quilt to keep you warm that was made by your mom. It will be like having her hug you all the time.

I AM said...

Hokey Smokes...that is hall hand-stitched, isn't it? And she is doing the hexagons on BOTH sides?

Amazing, absolutely amazing. I love the Batiks too, they are my favorite.

mermaid musings said...

This is beautiful already, I LOVE quilts, one day, i hav to make my own, oh yes!!!!
Lucky you!!!

Spider Girl said...

Ah, a homemade quilt is a lovely meaningful present, isn't it! I have a friend who quilts and it's a lot of work so you know when someone makes one for you they really care.

By the way, I saw your comment on Suzie's blog a few days ago about playing Warcraft, and I just thought I'd say hi on your blog because I also play Alliance on the Scryers realm. Good fun. :)

lila said...

Oh mY! As a quilter myself, I can tell you that the pattern your mom is making for you is one of the most work-intensive. A true labor of love! The colors are beautiful and you will have a treasure for a lifetime!