Adventures in Dining

Posted by Tammy

On Friday night, Mike and I drove to Denver to go to a Gong Bath. (You can learn about the Gong Bath by visiting my post about the first experience I had with it. Go here. It was even more positive this time!)

Before the Gong Bath, we went to a wonderful restaurant for dinner. It's called the House of Kabob and serves Lebanese food. Wow - it was truly phenomenal!! I've had this food once before in Fort Worth - actually, we'll have our reception dinner there after our wedding in November!

We shared two appetizers and one entree (and had leftovers!) The entree was beef shawarma, and honestly, it was some of the best food I've ever had!! Garlicky, spicy, so tender - YUMMY! I can't wait to go back again. I'm trying to invent reasons we need to go to Denver!

Monday brought a whole other dining adventure. I had my annual review lunch with my bosses for work! We went to a restaurant in Old Town Fort Collins that I had never been to, but had heard good things about. (I'm not going to name names in this story!)

My bosses each ordered the special which included salads. As our food arrived, and we started eating, my boss Debby started flicking her salad onto the table - in a distressed manner. She was pointing at something on the table and saying "What is that?" over and over. Laurel and I looked and my brain tried to make whatever it was a mushroom... but it most certainly was NOT a mushroom. It WAS a FROG!! A dead frog in Debby's salad. Oh man... that is perhaps one of the grossest things ever! Debby was pretty calm, but all of our appetites were killed instantly! The manager handled things very well - he saw the frog and started sweeping away all of our plates. No charge of course. I told him thanks for how he handled things, but boy, I don't think I'll be able to go back there - I will be grossed out every time! It was a memorable review lunch - and it had nothing to do with my actual review (which was good!)

Have you ever had any dining experiences like that?! I'm awfully glad (for my sake) that it wasn't MY salad! I think I would have created a much larger scene than Debby! (Like screaming or barfing!) Blech!

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Janet said...

Oh, yuk! That is terrible! About the only thing I've ever experienced was a long, black curly hair in some food I ordered. The manager was not quite so nice about it and kept trying to convince me it was mine! I had very short, straight blonde hair at the time!!

I AM said...

seriously, a DEAD FROG? I can't even believe that...it sounds like a bad joke....

"Hey waiter, there's a frog in my salad".

Sacred Suzie said...

That is pretty horrid! I thankfully have never experienced anything like that but these stories and watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares has kept me out of restaurants. I am now super paranoid and picky and make almost all my own food. Gross!

Tammy said...

It totally sounds like a joke - or an SNL skit! Really, they handled it amazingly well - I would go back based on that. I'm just not sure I can go back based on the yuck factor!

I don't think I'll be ordering salad in restaurants any time soon! We do eat out quite a bit, and enjoy, so I don't think that will change - I'll just be more aware of what is IN my food I think!!

Jana B said...

I'm pretty sure I would have screamed at the TOP of my lungs... That is just NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LadyTulip said...

Sorry -- I'd be Freaking Out!! like there was no tomorrow!!

The scary thing is...where the $#%%#^ did the Frog come from to BEGIN WITH??


AwtemNymf said...

WHATTTT!!! My question too is- WHERE did the dead frog come from!
I've never had any restaraunt disasters myself, but my Mom had maggots on her cantaloupe once when she ordered fruit salad!