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Posted by Tammy

I am still not feeling well, but I want to write more about the healing Gong Bath that Mike and I attended on Friday last week.

It was quite the experience. There was a whole room full of people (I'd say around 50 or so) and we all laid out our mats and pillows and laid down surrounding this huge gong. Richard Rudis (or Karma Sonam Dorje - his Buddhist name) was the "gong man" - for lack of a better term. (I found an interview with him online - read it here. Scroll down the page.) He started out by telling us what the experience might be like. He would start by playing the tingshas and the Himalayan singing bowls and then move to the gong. Once playing the gong, some of it would be quiet and soft, and it would get quite loud and very intense. (Which it did!!) He read a poem and then started off.

I find it difficult to relax and turn off my mind, but I was able to do so during this for the most part. I was quite curious to see what he was doing so several times I turned my head to watch him play. As promised, it did get VERY loud. It became more than sound at that point - it felt like energy radiating out to all of us. My body got quite twitchy at this point also. You really could feel the energy of the sound.

Richard told us that it would be a life-altering experience. I think it has been, although I'm not sure how I'm different. It was certainly powerful. The drive home (about an hour and a half) went by in a flash - Mike and I both were quite out of it... The next day was very ... sort of groggy. We'd find ourselves both just sitting and staring into space. It's a detox of sorts - it gets your energy moving and toxins surface and hopefully leave! I think that's partially why Mike and I both have gotten this flu! It was probably lurking and the gong bath moved stuff around and it surfaced... I'd rather not be sick, but getting rid of toxins is a good thing!

This was, overall, a great experience and something I'd definitely do again. In fact, I think it would be most helpful if you were able to do it often. I think you could really get some energy moving and flowing in the right directions that way!! You can find out more about Richard Rudis and his work at http://www.buddhistartifacts.com/. Very interesting stuff!!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, do you meditate on a regular basis? If not, this is so completely normal. Meditation isn't easy and everyone, I mean everyone, has their mind wander. It isn't easy letting go, especially with lots of people around. It sounds like the vibration of the gong also sort of got your body to relax and resonate which unclogged the toxins. I hope you're feeling better soon Tammy.

I'm so glad you also have categories of clothing. I am not alone! Thanks for the compliment too, I really appreciate that.

Tammy said...

Suzie - I don't meditate regularly, although I should! I feel better when I do something! I do need a guided meditation (almost typed medication...) to really be able to let my mind relax. The gong helped that part for sure!

This flu really has it's grips on me. It's turned into a pretty heavy cough now. Luckily, my bosses decided to give us an extra holiday day and I don't have to worry about going to work until next Monday!! That helps a lot!!