It's beginning to look a lot like....

Posted by Tammy

Thanksgiving?! It snowed here last night!! We got about 3-4 inches of snow in Northern Colorado over night. It's very pretty and VERY cold today!

Here is what our backyard looked like first thing this morning!

And since I'm sharing photos today, I forgot about this event last week! On Friday afternoon, as Mike and I were leaving my office to head to Denver for the Gong Bath, the girl from next door came and got us. There was a fox on the roof of our office building!! It didn't appear to be injured or anything - it had just found a nice safe, apparently comfy, place to nap!

I, of course, had my camera handy! So here are a few pictures of our resident fox. (No really - a real fox!) I've actually seen him (her?) again since then too. He ran right across my path the other morning on my way in to the office! (These aren't great quality photos - but you get the idea!)

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving (if you're in the States! If not, happy Thursday!) Be safe if you're traveling! And enjoy time with your family and/or friends!!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Tammy! I can't believe it's snowing there too, there seems to be a lot of people getting snow.

I love the fox! What a total treat! I've never seen one on any of my walks before and here he is so close to you. The fox stands for magic, shapeshifting, invisibility.

Thanks for your recent comment, I am so glad that my posts inspire and help in some way. I am so glad you have an amazing friend introducing you to such important books.

Autumn said...

Oh that snow looks cold. I love the fox. At lest he seems to be safe and dry. We are still getting temps in the 70's here. It will be a hot thanksgiving.

Ruth said...

Oh Tammy she's so precious...my first thought when I saw her hunkered down like that...was..she's probably preggers...perhaps needing to escape potential predators...ya think?