My Quilt

Posted by Tammy

Here are some photos of the quilt my mom made for us (king size for our bed!) It's not quite cool enough to start using it yet, but very soon! It is gorgeous, Thanks Mom!! It is double-sided. One side is all greens/yellows. The other side is all mixed up. All of the fabrics are batiks. I like the bright side best! :)

I have intended to get more photos of my shower up, but just haven't gotten it done! I will - soon! For now, here are quilt photos! And a couple of the gifts I mentioned in my last shower post (before I veered off political... all done with that!)

This is the bracelet from my sister. (several of you mentioned you'd like to see it!) I have worn it a number of times - I really like it! Thanks Connie!

And this is my dishes set from my co-workers. They are SO pretty!!

4 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Everything is soooooo gorgeous Tammy! I love that bracelet, those quilts are truly a treasure and your delicious food is going to look so fabulous on those stunning plates.

Judi said...

Love the quilts - your mom is very talented - the dish set is beautiful, sort of reminds me of a Japanese garden. And the bracelet by your sister looks like something antique yet the charms seem to indicate that they have special meanings.

Tammy said...

Thanks! :) My mom is talented - and patient to work on such a large quilt for so long! Most of it is hand sewn.

It's so appropriate that our dishes look slightly Japanese. Our wedding is going to be in a Japanese garden!! :)

My sister told me what she thought each charm meant in a letter. It was very special!

Tammy said...

You lucky girl! Your mom and sister did very thoughtful and beautiful gifts. Great shower!

Enjoyed your Obama post too!

You are finally getting to the coast...WooHoo!