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Posted by Tammy

Wedding planning - even for a tiny wedding - takes a lot of time! :) It's fun though. Things are coming together! I am in process of ordering my flowers today! I am going to create the bouquets myself, so I needed to order loose flowers! I am working with a local florist to get them all picked out!

I am going to make bouquets of dark red roses with white calla lilies! Simple, hand-tied bouquets is what I have pictured! I have done the flowers for three weddings, and I know I'll do as well for my own as I did for the others!! I'll also make boutonnieres for the guys of smaller, spray roses and perhaps mini-callas.

We picked up Mike's suit and his new ring on Saturday!! His ring is great!! It is three strands of gold - one white, one rose, and one yellow that are braided together. He wants to wear it already - so he is wearing it on his right hand. I had to leave my ring behind (boo!) on Saturday so they can make a wedding band to match! I'm already used to wearing it and I miss it!!

Mike looks so handsome in his suit! He still needs to buy new dress shoes (as you can see in the photo!), and a tie!

The only thing that I still need (yes, STILL!) is red shoes! I have had no luck in my search for the perfect red shoe! I have ordered three pairs and sent all three back. I think the problem is that I do NOT wear heels. I fall down in heels. So... I have to find flats, and I'm not willing to spend $400 on them! So... Andrea and I are going shopping next Friday. It is a shoe-finding mission! My birthday is Thursday, so I'm taking Friday off and we're going to find the perfect shoes! Wish us luck!

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Sacred Suzie said...

He looks awesome Tammy! Yes, you both will need new shoes.

I know what you mean, buying flats for your wedding takes so long. I don't know how long we searched. I ended up wearing gold shoes because I couldn't find silver (I am a silver woman through and through) but gave in because my feet couldn't take any more shoe shopping. Good news is, nobody could see my feet anyway.

Thank said, I hope you find your perfect pair of red shoes!

Janet said...

How exciting to be planning your wedding....and to be doing your own flowers. They sound beautiful. I love calla lilies. They seem so romantic!

Mike looks very handsome in his new suit. Good luck on your shoe shopping!!

LadyTulip said...

*** ACK!! ***

Shoe shopping is sometimes the WORST!! I know you'll find just the RIGHT shoes!

And Happy Birthday !! Hope all your day is Simply Wonderful!!