All Sorts of Fun Stuff!

Posted by Tammy

Whew - I have a lot of fun things to report!! :) All good!

Good thing #1 - I participated in the Fall Random Re-Gift Swap over at Just Be Connected. My partner was Angie. We discovered that we both love the musical Wicked and she followed that theme through with my goodies!! (I sent her goodies too, but not as themed as what she sent me!)

She sent some fun colored M&Ms, some handmade notecards (so cute!), an adorable cat pin cushion, and "wicked" green gloves! The coolest thing was the copy of the New York performance script from the musical Wicked! Wow!! What fun! I will enjoy this for sure!! Thanks Angie!

Good thing #2 - I won a contest! Wow! What a fun surprise! I entered a contest at Misty's blog - Rainy Day in May - and I won! Whoo-hoo!! My prize is a $25 gift certificate to the coolest site - Beau-Coup - fine favors. Yay! I will have so much fun spending this prize! Thanks Misty and Beau-Coup!

REALLY Good thing #3 - My shoes have been found!!!

I know you all were waiting with baited breath to know if I found my red shoes. (yeah, right!) But, I FOUND them!! My friend Andrea and I went shoe shopping on Friday to celebrate my birthday. We literally shopped til we dropped! My mission was red shoes for my wedding! And I found them (and had a couple of other options too!) They are perfect - flats, shiny, the right red to match, etc.!! Yay! Andrea found some pretty amazing shoes for herself too. I also found necklace and earrings for my wedding day! I bought a new nose ring - in blue - for my wedding day (something borrowed, something blue... ) It was a very fun day all in all! :) And a success! (My headband is also in the picture! I found it elsewhere, but it matches everything VERY well!)

4 Opinions:

lila said...

Love red shoes!!!! So happy you found them for your wedding!

Misty said...

YAY for you~~~ WOOT!

I love your shoes (and jewelry!)

Your package is fantastic. I forget, are you doing my pink swap?

the rep from Beau Coup said they are sending you a gift card... :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, they're fantastic. Absolutely downright GORGEOUS. They are the perfect shoes for your wedding. I'm so happy for you.

Melba said...

Your post made me smile! I love all things Wicked too!
The swap was all even this time so I didn't give myself a partner because every swap I have hosted thus far someone writes to me telling me their partner bailed. Well this swap everything has gone off with out a hitch! I am happy to say! Next time though I am definately giving myself a partner. I miss the fun!

I heart your shoes!