Are you registered to vote?

Posted by Tammy

The presidential election is a mere 36 days away. There has been quite a lot of misinformation out there about voting regulations. Go to www.vote411.org. You can find out if you're registered (for sure!) and also where to go on election day - your polling place. (I'm glad I checked this one - it is different this year!) The Colorado deadline to be registered in time to vote in this election is Monday, October 6. (It may be a bit different in your state, but suffice it to say you only have a few days!)

Misinformation and stories related to voter registration:




No matter who you choose to vote for - just be sure to vote! It is an important right that we all should exercise!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Did you know that many people who lost their homes are not registered and will not be able to vote and the Republicans want to keep it that way? How EVIL!

We have an election here in Canada too and I got my voter card and am going in early, I really believe in being politically active.

Tammy said...

Isn't that amazing Suzie?! How can the government let something like that go? These poor families who have lost their homes - they will go and try to vote on Nov. 4 and be turned away because of a technicality they were unaware of. (the link to the NYT article talks about this)

I have never been as aware before as I am this year. I have always voted - but this year, I am really paying attention and very hopeful for some real change. Mike and I are getting back from getting married on Monday before the election - we have the next two days off - we'll go vote, and then watch results and hopefully celebrate! :)

Misty said...

This is such a crucial time...

And hey- guess what?!?!?!? you won the giveaway! Can you please email me your info so I can pass it on to Beau-Coup? rainydayinmay@gmail.com

lila said...

You are so right about voting...brave women suffered terribly as our government tried to prevent them from bringing voting rights to women!!!!! Not that long ago, either!

Daria said...

Well said.