I have a new last name!

Posted by Tammy

It's official! Mike and I tied the knot on Saturday! Actually, we jumped the broom if you want to get technical! :) Either way, we are officially married! We brought the paperwork to the courthouse today, and my name is now Tammy Dale Durham. (For now, my blog name is going to stay Mimmsical Creations even though Mimms isn't my last name anymore!) I have lots of paperwork to file to get it officially changed everywhere, but it is in the works!

I don't have many photos yet - we didn't get very many digitals. I turned in the film though, so should have them tomorrow night! I can't wait!

Everything went pretty smoothly. We had a hotel snafu on Friday morning. Our hotel had no hot water... problem!! They made excuses, but it was clear they had known about this issue, and rented us the rooms anyway... so when we also learned that our room didn't lock unless we were in it, we packed it up and found a room in a much nicer hotel. (And got a refund for the other one - I will not be staying in Quality Inns anytime soon!! Blech!) Thankfully this wasn't the day of the ceremony - that would have been really bad!

We got into our new hotel with plenty of time left in the day for me to arrange my flowers for the next day and we spent some time playing dominoes and exploring yummy restaurants! :)

The weather was quite nice, if too hot for my taste. Day of the event it was going on 90 degrees with humidity! Too hot! I hope I don't look all wilted in the photos! My dress was HOT! We had our close friends with us and our ceremony was very casual. Mike and I did all the talking and it was interactive - we didn't have a minister or officiant. Our friend Rebecca helped us out with some of our vows. I'll share them here - Mike's were Dr. Seuss inspired! :) We exchanged rings, kisses, and we had our friends each tie a ribbon to our broom with their blessing. They helped us jump the broom from our single lives into our married lives.

We finished celebrating with a yummy dinner at a Lebanese restaurant that we love.

All in all, it was a wonderful time. We had a great time, and think that our friends did too. It was simple, casual, and memorable. All the things we wanted it to be. Our families were mostly understanding about us not inviting them (thanks family) and keeping it to just a few friends. It worked for us. (In a way - we kind of eloped - with a bit of advance planning!)

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Jana B said...

CONGRATS TAMMY!!!!!!!!!! *very big hug* I'm so glad everything went so smoothly (mostly lol) and that you had the wedding you dreamed of... I love your idea of jumping the brooms, and writing your own vows!!!!

*big hugs* May your marriage be even more perfect than your wedding.

Janet said...

Congratulations!!!! What a great day to get married! I hope you have many, many happy years together.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Tammy, I am so very happy for you! What a beautiful time must have been had for all and I'm sure you were a stunning bride, I can not wait to see some more pictures. Congratulations my beautiful friend! Here's to jumping the broom and creating a new and magickal life together.

Patty said...

Congratulations. May you have a lifetime of happiness.

I AM said...

I have been oogling your photos on flickr and wow, you look amazing!

Congratulations love.

Sharon said...

Congratulations, Mrs. Durham! I have just been looking at your wedding photos on Flicker. Your ceremony was beautiful and so were you. You and Mike look so happy together, and I'm glad everything went so well.

I loved all the pictures, but my favorites were of you laughing during the ceremony and the one of your cat (Ben?)looking up at the balloons. I see he wore his tuxedo for the day. :)

Wish you guys all the best and many happy years together ahead.