New Possibility...

Posted by Tammy

For me... I would love some input from any of you who work from home. My bosses have put an offer on the table for me to work from home starting early next year. Rather than coming in to the office, I would set up at home. I don't need to be in the office for the work I do. I am not involved in the day-to-day end of things anymore. My job is all web-based, web design, and mostly independent.

I would need to come in probably at least once a week for meetings, etc. and I would have to be available to cover things at the office if needed... But otherwise, I'd be independent at home.

I think it sounds like a good deal... Mike is a bit jealous! What do you think? Have you done this before? I'd love to hear what any of you think who have worked independently at home!!

3 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

I loved it! I loved when I took a break I could do laundry. I did find however that I never felt like I had any down time, that I was always working but that is a part of who I am, not necessarily an issue about working from home.

Misty said...

I think it's a wonderful option and makes so much sense for both your company and you!

Nicole said...

I LOVED working from home. If I woke up, unable to sleep- I'd start working early in the morning and finish early. I hope I can find another job like that!

You do miss out on the social aspects of work. However, you'll have more energy for non-work friends. Good luck, whatever you decide!