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Posted by Tammy

Janet at the Lavendar Loft did a fun meme-y thingy a bit ago and I asked her if I could play along!

If you decide you want to play along, leave a comment for me. Ask me for a letter (and leave me a way to contact you!) Then all you have to do is list 10 things you love that start with that letter on your blog!!

My letter from Janet is M (appropriately since I am in the process of changing my name and eliminating a bunch of Ms from my last name!)

M type things that I love:

1. Mike - I have to start with the obvious here -my new husband! :) Handy for me that his name starts with M! :)

M&Ms - I love these candies - especially the new "designer" ones - raspberry almond = YUM!

3. Movies - I'm a huge movie fan. I don't go to the theatre as much as I used to, but I just love movies. I'm not a critic - I like most shows! (and most genres with the exception of horror!)

4. Making things - Although I haven't been creating art lately, I do love to make things. This includes cooking, art, crafts, etc. Cooking has been at the top of my list lately - with the cool weather, I want to make cookies, bread, soups - fall type foods!

5. Moving - Well - OK - not really the act of moving... but wanting to move. Moving to Oregon is high on my list at the moment!! We are in a bit of a holding pattern with the job market the way it is... but we're still hoping to move to the ocean next year!!

6. Murping... This is what we call the noise Miss Girl makes. She has taken to "murping" when we come into her room (she is isolated much of the time - it works better for her and for the other cats!) We go in and play with her, and she comes out and visits when we are home. She Murps happily when we open her door. She is a much happier cat now than ever before! Murps = happy Miss G.

7. Music - Mike might disagree with me on this one - he loves music WAY more than me, but I really do love it! (We don't meet on very many genres or artists either!) My favorites include Alison Krauss, Melissa Etheridge, Dixie Chicks, Pink, and loads more! My favorite radio station is KBCO. Every year, I stand in the cold to get a copy of their Studio-C CD!

8. Mollie - the name. I've always loved this name. If I were ever to have a little girl, I'd use this name! (I'm not going to have kids, so maybe a cat will be named Mollie down the road!)

9. Mom - my mom, Carol. Nice that Mom starts with M, so I could fit this one in here! I don't talk about my family a whole lot. Mom and I play Scrabble via email all the time - it's a fun, enjoyable way that we keep in touch!

10. My Maiden Name - weird saying maiden... Mimms. I really love my maiden name though. I debated about actually taking Mike's name or not when we got married. I decided I wanted to though. For so many years of my life, I've had so many Ms in my name. (Tammy Mimms - 10 letters, five of them are Ms!) It's a bit sad to leave Mimms behind, but fun and exciting to move on to my new name too!

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Janet said...

I'm sorry to be so late stopping by! Your list is great and includes most of the things I would have chosen for "M"....except for Mike! My daughter's name is Molly, and I use my maiden name.