Happy Birthday to Mike!!

Posted by Tammy

Yesterday, 12/15, was Mike's 40th Birthday!! Whoo-hoo!! We celebrated by having dinner out at Carrabba's - our restaurant of choice for celebrations! Yummy!

I went a bit crazy and found 40 presents for him - he started opening them the night before his birthday and finished last night. There was a LOT of little stuff and a few bigger things mixed in. Let me tell you - it was tough to find 40 things for someone who "doesn't really like presents"! (I think he liked his presents though!) And Christmas is just around the corner... I've been a shopping fool!

Happy Birthday Mike!

And I just decided on a present to myself today.

I am joining in
Circe's Circle led by Jamie of Starshyne Productions! I have been considering this for some time - and I just decided to take the leap and join in! I'm very excited about this 12 week group! Jamie is fantasticly creative, and I know that this group will inspire and will hopefully help me kick-start my creativity and confidence!

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Jamie said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you'll be participating in Circe's Circle. I just know we're going to have a magical time.

Oh, and I tagged you for a holiday meme :)