Posted by Tammy

Well, I went and did something really dumb last night. Something I have done many times, and never thought about!

I wanted a coke... I couldn't get the plastic rings off of the bottles, so I used a knife to cut them... only the knife slipped and sliced my hand open as well! Yikes!! It hit me in the fleshy part of my palm right under my left thumb. OUCH!

It is a pretty deep cut. We probably should have gone to urgent care last night, but we were able to stop the bleeding with pressure and it seemed like it was OK. Then I realized - I have NO idea how long it has been since my last tetanus shot... so, it was off to the urgent care this morning instead.

The doctor thought maybe it could have used stitches, but since it had been a while since it happened, he couldn't do any at this point. (It was iffy whether it needed them anyway...) So he put on the steri-strips to hold it closed, gave me a shot, and sent me on the way (2 hours of waiting later). Now, not only does my hand hurt, my arm hurts too from the darn shot!! Sheesh!

Oh well - it could have been much worse, of course. And I'm covered on my tetanus for 10 years now! And because it took so long waiting - we went out for lunch instead of breakfast to our favorite new place - Cafe Athens! Yummy Greek food! :) I took a very long, cozy nap when we got home.

My cookie-baking plans for the weekend have been foiled. I have to keep my hand all wrapped up for several days... Darn!

Moral of the story... don't use knives to open things they shouldn't be used to open! :)

4 Opinions:

Janet said...

Oh no! That sounds painful. I hate getting cuts. It was a good thing you went for the shot even if you did have to wait a couple of hours....plus you got a nice lunch, too!

Be careful!! You and I are in the same boat with our hand/wrist messed up!

Amber said...

oh my goodness that hurt....be careful....and stay away from knives.


Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, I am so sorry to hear about your foiled cookie plans as a result of a culinary injury. I slashed open my knuckle last week from a chipotle can lid, thought I would have to go to the hospital too but I just stayed home and wished it better. Things like this really BITE! I hope your healing quickly my friend, it's not fun to be injured at this time of year when you want to let your kitchen genius loose on the world.

Anonymous said...

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