I love reading other people's 100 Things list and never made my own since I haven't had a blog until recently. Well - here is my list. It could have been at least 200 things, probably way more. I had fun coming up with it! Hope you enjoy reading it.

1. I am named for Tammy Wynette and Dale Evans (Tammy Dale)

2. I have 10 letters in my first and last name (Tammy Mimms) and FIVE of them are M's.

3. I have 7 siblings - all of whom are half-siblings. I am the youngest and the closest to me in age is 15 years older!

4. I was an aunt when I was six days old.

5. I have 5 nephews, 8 nieces, 2 great-nephews, and 4 great-nieces.

6. I have only moved six times in my life.

7. My parents are still married - to each other.

8. I have my nose pierced.

9. I currently have 3 cats (and my boyfriend, Mike, has two {Ben and Miss Girl} - making a five cat household!) - Luna, Henry, and Oscar.

10. I collect turtles (not the real ones!)

11. I can play the piano - marginally.

12. I called myself an artist for the first time today (3/16/06)

13. I LOVE paper. I have stacks of all different kinds!

14. One of my favorite foods in the world is Thai red curry.

15. There are baby chickens and baby goats living in what was (until 3 weeks ago) my house for
10 years.

16. My best friend's daughter considers me her "aunt" Tammy.

17. I hate Valentine's day. (although this year was considerably better than most thanks to Mike!)

18. My favorite boy name is Gilbert. Girl is Mollie.

19. If I ever write a book, I will use the pen name Mimms Tamdale.

20. I love to buy shoes - but hate to wear them.

21. I’ve known my best friend for 14 years.

22. I’ve never been overseas (only to Mexico and Canada)

23. I saw Wicked on Broadway last February. We bought tickets from a scalper 30 minutes before the show started.

24. My favorite movie of all time is Singin' in the Rain.

25. I'm addicted to World of Warcraft. My main is a level 41 Fire Mage Gnome who rides a green mechanostrider.

26. I'm an email junkie.

27. Alias is my all time favorite TV show - followed closely by Northern Exposure.

28. My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie.

29. I dislike bananas.

30. I LOVE to cook - it's even better when there are other people around to eat my creations.

31. I love wine, but can't drink red because it gives me headaches. (I do anyway sometimes!)

32. New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins has one of my favorite beers of all time - 2 Below.

33. I want a dog (but will probably not get one because the five kitties would be MAD)

34. I would love to live in the Pacific Northwest - Oregon coast somewhere.

35. I lived in my studio apartment (450 sq. feet) for 10 (TEN) years - until February 24 of this year! I cried when I left for the last time.

36. I don't understand all the hype surrounding Jessica Simpson.

37. KBCO in Boulder, Colorado is the best radio station ever! I stand in line once a year in the freezing cold to get a Studio-C CD.

38. I saw Dead Can Dance at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in October, 2006 with Mike - the best concert I've ever been to - hands down!

39. I think I am a writer - deep down somewhere within me!

40. I think I am probably very weird - but I'm ok with that!

41. I like bluegrass music - Nickel Creek, Yonder Mountain String Band, and some of the way old stuff!

42. I can waltz and polka.

43. I played a man - Dr. Gibbs - in my high school production of Our Town.

44. I sing (very loudly) in my car - and I'm the best darn singer around!

45. I am secretly addicted to American Idol. (guess it’s not so secret anymore though...)

46. I have a tattoo on the top of my right foot. I love it and I would definitely do it again if I found another design I love.

47. Rain is my favorite - but I’m scared of thunder.

48. I hate getting up in the mornings!

49. Even though I managed a coffee shop, I am not a big fan of coffee. I do make exceptions once in a while though - Mike makes a pretty mean cup of coffee that tempts me once a week or so.

50. I had a poodle while growing up. His name was Beau-Beau (he was a French poodle!)

51. I subscribe to way too many magazines - Oprah, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Town and Country, O at Home - most of these are for the great collage photos I tear from the pages!

52. I saw an art therapist for about a year so I could let loose my inner creative (and boy, did I ever!)

53. The first thing I do when I walk in the door at home is to take off my shoes!

54. I have never liked my name (Tammy) and have always wanted to change it. I have no idea what I would change it to, though...

55. My boyfriend and I met online at eharmony.com and boy am I glad we met!

56. I once saw Dennis Rodman while in Las Vegas - he almost knocked me over actually.

57. My dad was a country music singer for years. (Hence, my "country" name!)

58. My mom and I play Scrabble via email. I can beat her now!

59. I love counting money. (I should so have been a bank teller!)

60. I have a huge collection of Hallmark Christmas ornaments from my days of working in a Hallmark store.

61. I get obsessed with a particular project and go crazy buying supplies. Once I'm done obsessing, I still have all the supplies, but never go back to it!

62. I love to buy beads!

63. Shopping is a form of therapy to me!

64. I always watch the Oscars, even if I haven't seen any of the movies.

65. I own over 200 movies.

66. I had appendicitis when I was 13 and almost died when my appendix ruptured.

67. I am a total clutter-bug.

68. I can't eat chicken off of the bone. Boneless, skinless all the way.

69. My favorite book is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It changed the way I think.

70. I can decorate fancy cookies because I worked at Cookies by Design for a while.

71. I sneeze incredibly loud and without warning.

72. I've been told I have a gunshot laugh - it bursts out unexpectedly, and loud!

73. I worked at Barnes and Noble for about 3 years. I was a book department manager, the music manager, and the cafe manager (not all at the same time). I bought way too many books!

74. I love wild colored and patterned socks.

75. I like having my own artwork on the walls - especially in my office.

76. I do not plan on having any children.

77. My boss Laurel has helped me figure out who I am by helping me personally and professionally. She is a good friend!

78. I had mononucleosis in 2001. I was out of work for 2 months with liver problems. Yuck!

79. I pop my back every night before falling asleep.

80. I love to read in bed.

81. I'm obsessed with blogs.

82. My favorite thing to drink is club soda with lime - "fizzy water".

83. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church. I haven't been back since I left home at 18.

84. I was the captain of my high school's color guard (flag team) in my sophomore year. We won
the state band competition and best guard overall that year!

85. I am a total goofball - and that is a good thing since my boyfriend is too!

86. I want to get married (to Mike) but am ok with taking time to do so. I want to wear something
totally non-traditional and not invite my family to our wedding.

87. I dream of traveling - in no particular order - to Italy, Ireland, India, and Oregon.

88. I think I should own a gift store to be called "The Rich Witch". It will be a totally funky, eclectic mix of gifts, candles, books, and lots of etc.

89. I should have been born earlier than I was - I love Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, and other stars of that era.

90. I love hats! I don't wear them, but I love them!

91. I cannot see anything without my glasses (or contacts). I prefer glasses to contacts.

92. I think I am taller than I am. I seem to get shorter and taller (depending on the tilt of the earth I think).

93. My eyes change color. When I'm angry, they are yellow. Mike has seen them in purple, orange, and varying shades of green. Never are they blue though.

94. I think more people should choose to NOT have children.

95. I get really angry at stupid people, many times this is politicians who make stupid decisions that take away our rights!

96. I LOVE Central Park in NYC. I was there for the first time in February 2005 - the day that Christoph opened the exhibit "The Gates". I didn’t know that was happening, so imagine my surprise when we show up and there are hundreds of huge orange flags all over. I was there again in October 2005, and it was much better without the orange, but it RAINED the entire week I was in NY! Very soggy in Central Park.

97. I love to play games, board games, card games, you name it. I rock at Lord of the Rings Monopoly. (Just ask Nancy - who hates to lose!)

98. I have created 3 websites. The first was www.argusinstitute.colostate.edu. It is still the same way as when I created it! The second was our old site for World by the Tail. It doesn't exist online anymore. And the third is our existing site for WBTT – www.petpeoplehelp.com. I'm very proud of this site!

99. I have had 8 cats in my life. 3 of them are still with me - Luna, Henry, and Oscar. Coise (Gaelic for "toe" - he had mitten paws), Melvin, Bear, Lissy, and Zen have departed.

100. I don't want this list to end! It's fun and I have at least 500 more things I could write down!

5 Opinions:

Ruth said...

Hi Tammy...aren't we pouring out all over the place lately? I think you have really connected with your creative vein, don't you? Your blog header looks AWESOME...now it's my turn!!! uh,If only I can decide what to put in there.

Thank you for all the help with my blog, so kind, so patient you were..hope I didn't bug you too terribly much.

One more thing, I'm worried about the goats and chickies you said lived at the house you left...is someone taking care of them?

I really enjoyed the hundred things list...I want to do it too on my blog if you don't mind? Maybe I'll do one each day. Seems like when I post a few paragraphs, it takes up a whole page of blogspace.
Anyway...your blog is rockin' along...keep it current!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks Ruth! Yes - I'm having fun with this! I enjoyed helping you in the little ways I did and you certainly didn't bug me! Anytime!

As for the goats and chicks - yes, they are WELL taken care of. My friend (and former landlord) put them in the apartment (my old house) because it was in a cold snap here! They are warm and adorable. Baby pygmy goats are about the cutest ever!

Definitely use the 100 things list for you! I found it on someone else's blog and had fun coming up with it. It took up a lot of space for sure, but was a good journaling type thing for me!

I have a little bit of new art to post, but have to wait until I can scan it in! Keep watchin'!

altered_tome said...


Thank you, too, so much for your tutorials about Blogger and the colors and headers. You rock! That's hilarious about being named for Tammy Wynnette...when I was growing up, people always asked my sister and I if we were related to her, because our last name is almost identical to her's. Sigh, nope, at least, not directly related to her, although I'm sure that we're distant cousins...just not enough to partake in any wealth she may have bestowed on relatives.

I love, love, love your header, with your Sharpie ATC's. I almost spent all of my birthday money on Sharpie's, I was so inspired by you...but instead I got the Ranger Melting Pot for playing with beeswax dipped ATC's and collages (did you know that Michael's and Joann's will take each other's coupons?!? 40% off that pot, woo-hoo!) However, I did pick out one Sharpie for good measure...the lime green, to honor spring.

My blog is over at http://alteredbyart.blogspot.com/. I haven't made any changes to it yet, so I wanted to show you as a bit of a before picture...then I'll show you the after. :) Thank you again!

Tammy said...

Thank you thank you! I'm glad my blogging has been able to help others with theirs!

I'm TOTALLY Addicted to Sharpies all of a sudden! There are SO many colors to choose from and they are fun to color with! My ATC's have been turning out great - I entered into my first two swaps recently. I'm excited to get my returns so I can see what other Sharpie artists are doing!

Your blog is fun! I'll look forward to seeing what changes you make to it in the near future!!


Anonymous said...

I knew almost EVERY item you listed about yourself...maybe ten of them were new! #40 and 44!

Your sister,