New "old" art

Posted by Tammy

I decided I would go back and try to scan in some of my past art projects! I love some of my stuff and wanted to resurrect it and share it here on my blog!

The first piece I scanned in (with moderate success) is an acrylic painting - one of the very first I tried. I wanted to paint a tree. What I came up with is somewhat Van Gogh-esque (amateur mind you!). But, I truly do like this painting. The movement of the tree and the sky behind the tree mesmerize me.

What do you think?! I would love to hear comments on my tree. I have decided that I like to like my art! (does that make any sense?) I don't need to be Van Gogh or Picasso, but I like my own work! I may not always be satisfied right away, but when I go back and look at old stuff, I do like it! :) Hope you do too!

3 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Your sky has beautiful waves like the ocean.

Creative Wishes,


Ruth said...

I love it Guru Tammy!!! Reminded me of 'Starry Starry Night' one of my favorites of Van Gogh. As a matter of fact, that was my 'headsong' when I saw it. I forgot...did you title her/him? Always do that..but let the painting tell you...

You've inspired me to post one of my tree paintings...that is if Madame de Bloggeur is in a permissive mood today.

Loving your blog...(((ruth)))

Tammy said...

The ocean! I love it. There is motion in the sky - I thought at first stormy, but it looks more peaceful than stormy.

I LOVE Starry Night - it's my favorite painting - I saw it in NYC last year and cried (both times!) When I was creating, I had Van Gogh in mind. I love the motion of his paintings. Trees often show up in my creations. I haven't a title for this one, but will title it!! Thank you for your comments Krystinkerbelle and Ruth!!!