Pshew! Busy Weekend!

Posted by Tammy

Well - it was a very busy weekend. I try to check my online groups, email, and stuff over the weekend, but it didn't happen with this one. My blog is apparently going to have to be a Monday through Friday one! :)

We had company both Saturday night as well as for lunch on Sunday. It's the first time since we moved in a month ago that we've had any company. It was loads of fun!

Saturday, we made dinner for our friends Rod and Rebecca. Mike made his pulled pork recipe (Rebecca is a vegetarian, but Rod is not - and he SO appreciated the pork!) This recipe is always good, but Mike really hit it this time. YUMMY! I made Cuban black beans and Arroz. It was a wonderful dinner. I love making Cuban food - it is so fragrant!

For lunch on Sunday, Bud and Patricia came over to see the house and meet the kitties, as they will be taking care of the brood while Mike and I are gone next week. I made my famous chicken enchiladas for lunch. Always a hit!

I did manage to find a bit of art time this weekend. I made a few random ATCs (Sharpies of course!) I discovered the miracle of the Ultra fine tip! I did one on white vellum paper - I love it because you can see the back of the card just as well as the front! But it didn't bleed through at all!

This one is my favorite that I've made so far. It is on Bristol 100# paper. So no bleed through at all. I LOVE the richness of the colors. It was very fun and satisfying to make! I also used a paint Sharpie for the first time - a silver pen. It's a bit thick, but I was able to make it work where I wanted it to. So much fun!!

I made three more - I don't like any of them particularly, but as always, the process was fun. These first two are sharpie background with a foam paper cut out pasted on the top. I loved this foam paper, but I have found it challenging to actually use. I cut random shapes out and they are sort of fun, but they also sort of just blend in...

This last one I did was pre-ultra fine tip. I don't like the colors very well, but I do like the pattern. It was fun anyway! All of these ATCs are available if anyone out there would like to swap! It was so fun to do these random ones that weren't for something specific!

*Update: I have traded all but this one to the right...........

3 Opinions:

Ruth said...

TAMMY! The New Header is gorgeous, beautiful colors...design is perfect...you little Guru Diva you...Now I'm wanting text on my aprilella..instead of the top...whine whine...that would take care of the need for a watermark, you think?
You have been a busy little bee haven't you? So unique and interesting to look at these pieces...seeing all kinds of things.
Congrats on keeping blog updated...the food sounded fabulous!!!
Love ya, ruth

Tammy said...

I think text over the artwork is kinda fun!! I've found some fun new fonts that you might like! We'll have to take a look at your header when I get back from Texas and see what else we can do! :) I'm having fun with the blog and with my art! I'm inspired - Decided my muse is named Vellumina Sharpista since I'm addicted to Vellum cards made with Sharpies! :)


MARYBETH said...

Velluma Sharpista!!! =)